How and from where to purchase Motorola Moto E smart phone.

Motorola has launched a new low cost smart phone namely Motorola MOTO E. this smart phone is presently available on Flipkart. The initial quoted price is Rs.8999. So for the purchasing this, a person is required to place his order on flipkart and get the mobile delivered. Placing an order on flipkart is very easy and it is a very reliable portal . Not only Moto E you can purchase any thing just put your items and select category in above shown flipkart search bar and click on search and select the items and follow other purchasing activities as per text direction of flipkart web site


How to make partial payment from net banking and rest from Credit card on flipkart.

I had tried to purchase a mobile phone from Flipkart. As I had some amount in my bank account so I decided to make partial payment from my net banking and remaining payment  I planned to make it in installment from my credit card. But there is no such option available on Flipkart. As after doing lots of research works and reading many review I had decided to purchase Moto G mobile  but due to non availability of any such option I decided to call there call center and when I called their call center they given me a ready in direct solution and by that way I made partial payment from my net banking and remaining payment I made in installment  from my credit card. The in direct solution to my payment was that i have to purchase e-gift voucher from flipkart for the amount which I want to pay from my net banking and then I used that e gift voucher for purchasing my article and remaining portion of amount I had made it from my credit card. Before doing all this you must ensure that the amount which you want to pay in installment  through credit card must more than four thousand other wise Flipkart will not give installment or EMI falicilities on credit card for amount below four thousand. How do I buy / gift an e-Gift Voucher? or  for other inquiry please click here