What to do on the lost of SBI Debit cum ATM Card?

There is very little difference between Debit cum ATM Card and Credit card so utmost care should be taken in carrying , keeping or using Debit card.  Even after taking all care if Debit cum ATM card has been lost then what action one should  take:
Immediate action on lost of ATM cum Debit Card:
  •  It is advisable to keep your card number and related bank account number readily available and accessible.
  • On loss of your card immediately notify the state bank contact centre regarding loss of your card. the contact centre telephone numbers are:
  1.            1800-11-22-11 (toll free for BSNL/MTNL)
  2.            1800-425-3800(toll free for BSNL/MTNL)
  3.            91-80-26599990(for STD/ISD)
  • At the time of informing Call centre will ask some information regarding you to authenticate your identity, please provide accurate information.
  • After informing the call centre , the call centre will hot list your card and will give a ticket number please note down the ticket number.And if any financial transaction made before the hot listing of card will be born by you and if transaction made after hot listing the financial loss will be born by the SBI.  
Action after Hot listing your lost SBI ATM cum Debit card:
You just need to write your bank regarding lost of your card or just visit your bank branch and filled a ATM cum Debit Card application form mentioning the ticket number which was given by call centre at the time of hot listing your card.. On receipt of your application the branch will arrange to issue a new Card and for that Rs. 200/ will be charged by bank.
 State Bank of India 24 x7 help line numbers:
  •   1800-11-22-11 (toll free for BSNL/MTNL)
  •  1800-425-3800(toll free for BSNL/MTNL)
  •  91-80-26599990(for STD/ISD)
  • contactcentre@sbi.co.in
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How to fix the "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0  provider  is registered" error? VB.Net Code for beginners

This error generally pup up with Window-7  of 64 bit version not with 32 bit because:
  • Microsoft Access database provider(the Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 provider) is not available in a 64 version- it is only available as 32- bit.
  • Generate the " Microsoft.Jet .OLEDB.4.0 provider is not registered on local machine" error when attempting to load a form that connects to database.
For fixing this error depends o whether you are running Visual Studio Ultimate Edition or the Visual Basic Express Edition.
For Visual Basic Ultimate Edition Fix: In order to connect to an Access database when running Visual Studio on a 64-bit machine, you need to specify for Visual Studio to use 32-bit mode.Follow following steps
  • 1.   Open Solution Explorer -- click on the My  Project node to the My Project
  • 2.   Click the Compile tab along the left side of My Project --shown below will display.

How to program a smart device? VB.Net code for beginners

In the series of "Learn VB.Net step by step" we have learned some basic coding of Visual basic and now it is time to implement our learning on a project.This post will cover the programming of smart Device such a Pocket PCs and Smart Phone device. This post and referred documents teach you that the programming techniques learned thus far in the  "Learn VB.Net step by step" course are also applicable to programmable device
While studying this note set you will build a project that computes the cost of providing dining services for groups scheduling social programs.

In designing a mobile application consider this:
·        You can use many of the objects and controls used for a Windows form.
·        You cannot resize the design surface as it must be an exact fit to a standard PocketPC device.
·        Because of space restrictions, limit the size of the Title Bar entry.
·        You can align controls using snap lines and the alignment tools you've already studied.
·        The TextVisible, and Enabled properties work as they do for a Windows project.
·        The Clear method for TextBox controls is not available – you will need to assign an empty string to the Text property of a TextBox in order to clear the contents.


How to find IP Address of an email sender's and his location?

Daily we are getting lots of emails from our own people and sometimes from strangers. Sometimes these emails give us happy news but sometime it also give lots of tension. So if you  want to know the IP address and location of the email sender then please follow the following steps:

For Gmail Account Holder:
  • Login in your Gmail account by entering  your user id and password
  • Select the email which you want to know the email sender.
  • After opening just click downward triangle
  • Then click on "Show original"
  • After clicking on "show original you will find some coded page will open

  • The green mark circle is the ip address of the email sender.
  • copy that ip address and inter it in any web service provider page which provides ip trace service.
  • Some of them are


How to check my PC or Laptop is connected with internet or Not. VB. Net code for beginners

Here I am going to show the VB.Net code for checking whether the computer is connected with internet or not. such code is has its importance when you are designing a windows for sending email so before sending email, this code will check whether your for inter net connection.for checking online connection , I have made a function called Isonline checking www.Google.com . here I can use any other domain but I have used Google as it is very rare chance that google is down or not working. if Google is down then this code will not work. After codding the function IsOnline,

 Private Function IsOnline() As Boolean ‘for checking net connection)
            Dim inet As Net.IPHostEntry = Net.Dns.GetHostEntry("www.google.com")
            Return True
        Catch ex As Net.Sockets.SocketException
            Return False
        End Try
    End Function

How to send email with attachment? Vb.Net

Hey, I have designed my windows form for sending email with attachment document to any email id. my code is configured for gmail only and it is working great. This VB.Net code is also solve your problem for validated email pattern.

Windows form for sending email
 beside above controls , I have also used open file dailog control  and the code which I have used is as under

Imports System.Net.Mail
Imports System.Text.RegularExpressions
Imports Microsoft.Office.Interop


What is Bihar Rural Livelihoods Project (BRLP)? Know your application status for JEEViKA, Community Coordinator!

What is BRLPs?

The Bihar Rural Livelihoods Project (BRLP) is an ambitious project of the Government of Bihar for the alleviation of poverty in the State.The objective of the project is to provide right & equal opportunities for livelihoods for rural community especially poor. Bihar Rural Livelihoods Promotion Society under overall Framework of National Rural Livelihoods Mission to scale up the JEEViKA model of poverty alleviation through-out the all 534 blocks of 38 district of Bihar in a phased manner.Over a period of 10years, SRLM mandate is to mobilize 1.25 crores rural HHs into 10 Lakhs SHGs, 65000 VOs and 1600 CLFs. BRLPS through the Bihar Rural Livelihoods Project (BRLP) aims to improve rural livelihood options and works towards social and economic empowerment of the rural poor and women. Development professionals working with BRLPS intervene with the community through the following four themes or programmes: institution and capacity building, social development, microfinance and livelihoods.BRLP is a marquee programme in development and has already earned recognition from various governments, governmental /nongovernmental and other stakeholders for its path breaking initiatives. It provides a professional and challenging work environment to its associates. This is a good opportunity for experienced development professionals and aspiring youngsters to associate with one another for the development of rural India. BRLPS is mandated to implement SRLM in all blocks of Bihar and looking for professionals at various level

How to Know the application status for JEEViKA, Community Coordinator?

If you have your application ID then click here to go to the BRLP site. Enter your application ID in the text box and click and click get status and after clicking if your application is valid then it will display the date and venue for your examination and asked you to download Gate pass.

How to add store and retrieve data from database? Multiple Documents Interface VB.Net for Begginer

This post teaches you to store data to and retrieve data from databases. The post focuses on Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server databases; however, the programming techniques covered also work  with other database management systems (DBMS) such as Oracle Corporation's Oracle DBMS and Oracle databases. You will learn to display data in various Windows-based controls such as TextBox and DataGridView controls.


How to created your own programming language ?.

Recently, I come across with a Book which claim that it will enable us to create a special programming language for yourself. and many user have posted their reviews and comments I tried their sample chapter which they are providing with their ad and found quite interesting. The name of the book is " How to create your own freaking awesome programming language"  and I am so impressed with this I have also placed order for this book.


what are the Single and multi-dimensional arrays? How to use it in loops. VB.Net for beginners

An Array is a list of values – all values referenced by the same name. An array is like a ListBox without the box with the list of values all stored in memory.  Arrays are also called tables. Arrays are based on the System.Array object – a type of collection object.  Arrays can store almost any type of data such as integer, string, decimal, etc.Element – this is the term used to refer to an individual part of an array.Each element is numbered beginning with the number zero.  Example, 0, 1, 2, 3, etc.  The number referring to an array element is placed inside parentheses and is called a subscript or index.  This is the general format for an array reference.This chapter teaches you to use arrays and structures to process data through the use of various loop and table lookup procedures.  Single and multi-dimensional arrays are covered.  For Each..Next loops are used to process arrays. ListBox controls are also used to process arrays. 


How to connect Samsung Galaxy S III(GT-I9300) or Note II (GT-7100) to TV using the HDMI Adapter?

The HDTV adapter can be connected to the HD TV by following the below listed procedures. By connecting the mobile to the Television, you can view the contents of the mobile on the Television.
 Please CLICK HERE to know from where you can buy the adapter.
aPlease connect the end of the Travel Charger into the socket available.
b. Connect the adapter into the Charging / multipurpose jack on your Phone. This is the port on the Phone, which is used to charge the Mobile.
 c. Connect the one end of the HDMI cable into the slot available on the HDMI Adapter.
dConnect the other end of the HDMI cable in to the HDMI Slot of the TV.
 e. Connect your Travel Charger to the power socket and turn it ON.

Once the adaptor is switched ON, the screen on the Phone will instatnly display what is on your device Home screen.


What is condition-controlled and count-controlled loops ? VB.Net for beginners

This post discuss you to use ListBox and ComboBox controls in designing forms.  Additionally, you will learn to code loop structures, both condition-controlled (Do loops) and count-controlled loops (For...Next loops).This form includes both a ListBox and two ComboBox controls.  List type controls allow an application user to select from a list of items and to display a list of items.