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Dear friend now days everybody want to show their presence on internet some people show it by updating their status on Social networking sites and some people who serious about their and like to express their view and want to  live his his presence among their friends and follower.for that they want to have their own blog or website for them world most reputed webhosting and domain register service provider GoDaddy has brought very impressive plan for them. . On registering with them you will get:

  • Big saving over competition.
  • A long list of Free extra-email, Website & more
  • 24X7 customer services
They provide every thing which make your name on web word. They are top web hosting service provider.More than 52 millions domain names under their management. GoDaddy was founded in 1997 by Bob Parsons and now it is a one of the most reputed web hosting and price wise most cheap web hosting service provider. They have reduced 15% to 50%  their domain registration rate .   Their new rate for domain registration is as under: These rates are one of the cheapest web hosting rates in the web hosting competition.

Per year Pricing
1 year
2 Years
3 years
5 years
10 years
Rs. 499.99
Rs. 377.99

The above rate quoted is webhosting rate in India and there is separate rate for international webhosting.
Why one should get his webhosting and domain  registration with Godaddy ?
1.       Because you will get each and every thing with your GoDady Domain which you need to get online. Like
·         Free website of One page.
·         Free email account
·         Free photo album and much much more all 100% free
*    Domain locking
*    Free Start Guide
*    Status alert
*    24x7 technical support
*    24x7 billing support
* Buy 6 and more .Com and save more than 31%

 so just go and get it.
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How to recharge Dishtv online?

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