How to reserve, cancel or know the ship ticket status for Lakshadweep ship

1. Passengers interested to receive general SMS Messages/Alerts from the Port Department need to register their mobile number onetime in any of the ship ticketing counters. 
2. Passengers need to fill up their mobile number in the reservation slip each time they take ship ticket for any voyage specific messages. 
3. The mobile number will be printed on the Ticket and passengers need to verify the correctness of their mobile number before leaving the counter. 
4. It should be mandatory for the ticket issuing person to enter the mobile number of the passenger if it is written on the reservation slip. He/She has to enter the mobile number carefully. 
5. Passenger can cancel their ticket through SMS, only from the mobile number written on the reservation slip. 
6. Cancellation of ticket through SMS is allowed only upto the previous day of sailing the ship. 
7. As the SMS services are not guaranteed services, the Department will not be responsible for any non delivery of messages in time. Further claims are not entertained. 
8. All SMS requests has to be sent to the number 09212357123
Cancellation of ticket through SMS 
It involves two steps viz. Request and its Confirmation
i)Passenger send the SMS request to cancel the ticket (from the mobile number written on the reservation slip) in the following format 
 LSHIP C <Ptid Number> eg: LSHIP C KAEA0005 
ii)Passenger receives a One Time Password (OTP) as a reply SMS  Passenger send this password for confirmation in the following format 
 LSHIP C <One time password> eg: LSHIP C SEMB 
iii)Passenger receives the result of cancellation as an SMS with cancellation charge, refund amount etc. 
 iv)The refund amount can be collected from any of the ship ticketing counters if he/she produces the original ticket within 15 days from the sailing day of the ship from mainland. Other SMS Services
1. Ticket status thru SMS  
 LSHIP S <Ptid Number> eg: LSHIP S BAAJ0004 
2. Ticket availability thru SMS 
 LSHIP A <Ship code> eg: LSHIP A K 
 This will give the availability of all classes in M.V.Kavaratti in the next immediate voyages from main land to the first Island port. 
LSHIP A <ship code> <Origin code> <Destination code> 
 This will give the availability of all classes in M.V. Bharatseema in the next immediate voyage from Kochi to Minicoy. 
LSHIP A <Voyage number> <Origin code> <Destination code> 
 This will give the availability of all classes in M.V.Minicoy voyage number MAEE 
from Kochi to Kavaratti. 
3. Ticket Fare thru SMS 
This will give the ticket fare of all classes of M.V.Arabian Sea from Kochi to Kavaratti. 
4. The Code list thru SMS 
This will give all the codes (Ship code, Island code etc.) using in the SMS Services 
5. SMS to get Voyage numbers 
LSHIP V <Ship Code> 
This will give all the voyage numbers and voyage dates of the M.V.Kavaratti 
6. LSHIP HELP (For necessary help in SMS requests.) 
7. SMS to get Ship Programme
LSHIP P <Voyage number> eg: LSHIP P KABB 
LSHIP P <Ship Code> eg: LSHIP P K
For SMS Help, send SMS


How Python keeps variables in a separate list from values? Lesson-3

For the purpose of this course, you may think of computer memory as a long list of storage locations where each location is identified with a unique number and each location houses a value. This unique number is called a memory address. Typically, we will write memory addresses as a number with an "id" as a prefix to distinguish them from other numbers (for example, id201 is memory address 201).
Variables are a way to keep track of values stored in computer memory. A variable is a named location in computer memory. Python keeps variables in a separate list from values. A variable will contain a memory address, and that memory address contains the value. The variable then refers to the value. Python will pick the memory addresses for you.

Some Terminology which are used in Python 

A value has a memory address.
A variable contains a memory address.
A variable refers to a value.
A variable points to a value.

Example: Value 8.5 has memory address id34.
Variable shoe_size contains memory address id34.
The value of shoe_size is 8.5.
shoe_size refers to value 8.5.
shoe_size points to value 8.5.


Learn Numerical calculation and mathmatical operation in Python - Lesson -2

This course provides an introduction to computer programming intended for people with no programming experience. It covers the basics of programming in Python including elementary data types (numeric types, strings, lists, dictionaries and files), control flow, functions, objects, methods, fields and mutability. Here is a tentative list of topics.
1Installing Python, IDLE, mathematical expressions, variables, assignment statement, calling and defining functions, syntax and semantic errors
2Strings, input/output, function reuse, function design recipe, docstrings
3Booleans, import, namespaces, if statements
4for loops, fancy string manipulation
5while loops, lists, mutability
6for loops over indices, parallel lists and strings, files
7tuples, dictionaries

This course lecture will be provided in the form of short duration video consisting of 2- 10 minutes and besides that you can explore lecture summary and can take advantage of  forum where you can put your problem and get solution /advise from expert. This course is basically conducted by University of Toronto and is available on www. coursera.org
Lecture No- 2 of 1st week
Python as a calculator


Getting Started: Installing Python Programming Lesson-1

Programs are found in many places such as on your computer, your cell phone, or on the internet. A program is a set of instructions that are run or executed. There are many programming languages and, for this course, we will learn the use the Python programming language step by step. and the below mention video will teach you how and from where  to down load and install Python .


How to install