How to limit the characters that can be entered into a Text Box ? Vb.Net Code for beginers

There is very simple code for restricting  the letter entry in a text box and that code can be write on the keypress of that particular textbox in which you want to restrict the entry


How to use wi-fi connection on HCL ME ICON 1024 Laptop?

To use wi-fi of HCL ME ICON Laptop one need to take following steps.

  • Check whether the driver for wi-fi is installed on your laptop or not, if it is not installed then install it from CD which is provided by HCL at the time of purchase or one can down load it from the HCL site.


How to add "Read More" widget in your blogspot blog?

I was in search for the "Read More" widget for quite some time and I had tried various tips and tricks given by many bloggers but none of the trick has worked for me and  today I did some R&D and got success in place "Read More". And it is very easy to add "Read More" widget to your blog even which you already created or going to create.

How to stop unwanted commercial call on your land line/mobile phone?

Unwanted commercial calls and sms are always irritate and created problems to the users of phone and mobiles.The phone and mobile users raise their problems on various forum to get ride from these unsolicited calls from telemarketing companies. To stop such unsolicited calls the TRAI  had taken several steps  like creating of Do call /Do not call registry but they did not get success as telemarketing companies take the advantage of loop hole in the TRAI's order. The height of this unsolicited call reach at peak,  when some one from Telemarketing company   made a call to Finance Minister Mr. Pranav Mukherji and started motivating and requesting  him to take home loan from some bank,  where he was  attending  a  very important meeting .


How to align data in Crystal Report? for beginner VB.Net

This post is for beginner who wants to align data vertically or horizontally in their crystal report in one. It is very easy just open your crystal report and select your text boxes by pressing Control in your keyboard and click mount on that text boxes which you want to align. For better understanding of these type of vb.net code or database related inquiry the book written by Mike Murach is very good book which is available on amazon with free shipping charge, I will suggest one can  refer


How to protect BSNL land line telephone from misuse?

            The BSNL is one of the premier telecom service provider of India beside land line telephone BSNL provides various type of telecom services like, Mobile, WLL, Broadband, 3G etc services to the people of India. It is an Government entity having maximum coverage in all over the India. 


How to check a prime number? Vb.Net code

Vb.net code for a checking a number whether it is prime or not is very simple just write following code on any event on which you want to check the number.For better understanding of these type of vb.net code or database related inquiry the book written by Mike Murach is very good book which is available on amazon with free shipping charge, I will suggest one can be refer



LG, The South Korian mobile giant has launched it much Awaited 4G smartphone with fanfare. The world no 3rd mobile maker  today launched it the Optimus LTE smartphone to give a fight to Samsung 4G Galaxy S-II LTE smartphone. As per the LG vice president some basic data of this much awaited smartphone is as



            Like all bright glitters are not gold same way all expensive laptop are not that much good in compare to their price. but there are some branded company laptop or branded company computer which are cheap in price but robust in their performance. As I am a freelance programmer and computer sevy person having desktop at residence but as my duty is a outdoor duty so I was in search for a cheap priced and latest configured laptop. To find the suitable laptop I  have visited many outlets of Dell laptop, HP, IBM etc but price wise their product were out of my reach  as I was preoccupied with my price target any where between Rs 32000 to Rs 36000. I was pre-decided that if I have to select between  2nd generation Intel® Core™ i3 and i5, I will go for i3 not i5.

How to retrieve photo from Ms Access database? VB.Net code

It is very easy I have tried by creating a function and calling that function at the place ,where it is needed. Just for example  prepare a windows form and create a database in Ms Access as I have described in my previous post. and follow all the step as mentioned in that post.In code editor just create a function


How to add image in Ms-access database? Vb.Net code!

Adding images is database through Vb.net is very simple. Just add a data field in your database for accepting image. For example I have created a database name "Picture" and data table in it named "picroll" with following field name and data type. For better understanding of these type of vb.net code or database related inquiry the book written by Mike Murach is very good book which is available on amazon with free shipping charge, I will suggest one can  refer


What is Tablet Aakash? Know about it!

Government has launched ultra-low-cost tablet and named it Aakash. The tablet is jointly developed by a British Company  and IIT Jodhpur which is decided to assemble it in India, initially for Indian student and then for general public. As per Telecommunication Ministry, Government of India, initially one lakh tablet will be given to student on free of cost as a pilot test. The Government believe the Aakash tablet will bridge the digital divide of India.  It will work as low cost pc for those who are not financially able to purchase Desktop computer or laptop .

What is online shopping and advantages of it?

Online shopping is  a boom in present electronics Yug. It  is a great boom and facilitater for the people who are having very busy life style due to professional as well as social and other work  related engagement.It is advantageous for such individuals to purchase items from online shopping website by making payment through Credit/debit card or through net banking  without wasting their working time or without absenting themselves from their other engagements.


How to pay LIC premium online?

        My relation with Life Insurance Corporation of India is almost 20 years old when I taken my first LIC police  at the age of 19 years and that time I was posted at Kochi. One LIC agent who was ex-Navy man, had motivated me and I took my first LIC Policy "Jiwan Surabhi" from my first salary. That time there was no facility of online payment so I have to give the policy  premium in advance to the LIC Agent and he made the payment to LIC Office Kochi.
         But the problem started when I got transfer from Kochi to Andman Nicobar. for that I had to prepare Demand Draft and send to the LIC Agent who was at Kochi and then he makes payment, some time due to postal or other delay my premium payment also get delayed, so during that period it was very difficult to even maintain a single insurance account but now in this technological "YUG" very things have changed and life become more relax and presently I am holding three LIC policies without any difficulty. The online premium payment facility of LIC has made our life more free and I can go anywhere on transfer without any tension of premium payment.Online premium payment is very easy. If you are having debit/credit card or net banking facilities then just get register on Life Insurance Corporation site
Steps for registration:
  • Go to LIC site www.licindia.in and click on " New user? click here"
  • Fill up your policy detail and click on proceed button and fill up the registration form. All the filed mark with * are mandatory.
  • After creating user id and password go to main site of LIC and get logged by clicking on "LOGIN" and entering your userid and password.
By registering online you will avail following service and can obtain various information.

  • You can view all your previously online paid premium.
  • You can make online payment to your enrolled policy
  • You can view premium paid statement.
  • You can update your profile
  • You can file complain if any
  • You can file feedback
  • You can enroll your all policies here.
  • You can view all your enrolled policies.
  • You can view your all premium due date of enrolled policies
  Other Advantages of Online Premium payment
  • It is hassle free. You can make payment any time day or night.
  • No risk of LIC Agent mismanagement of your premium policy amount.
  • You will get premium due date SMS free of cost from LIC.
  • No paper work even some extend no need to keep your premium payment receipt as it will be available online and you can download it from the site by logging in your account.
  • It will save paper means save environment.
Special advise :
  • Don't fill wrong information
  • Enroll only those policy which are on your name, if you have any policy on your family member's name then register for a separate account.
  • Update your profile regularly for any change like mobile number or address change.
  • Now LIC decided to pay all the policy benefits through NEFT so update your bank detailed by filling up right forms after down loading from LIC site.


LIC Payment through Electronic transfer only

To Bring more transparencies and quick payment  to policy holders for all their  benefits(survival, maturity  surrender payment etc). Life Insurance Corporation of India decided to make the payment directly transferring the amount to the bank account of policy holder. This will be effective from 1/10/2011 onward. So all the LIC policy holders are now required to submit the bank account details accordingly. The details can be  Down loaded from site of Life Insurance Corporation of India  If you want to know more about life insurance of private company like HDFC etc. click here
click here

How to Pay BSNL phone bill online ?

BSNL is a premier telecom service provider of India. it is providing various telecom services like Mobile services, 3G Broadband etc.From limited circle to maximum circle now they have extended online bill payment services. It is very easy and useful too. Anyone having net banking or credit /debit card facility can utilize this service. Only one required to register himself on BSNL site i.e. www.bsnl.co.in