How to add "Read More" widget in your blogspot blog?

I was in search for the "Read More" widget for quite some time and I had tried various tips and tricks given by many bloggers but none of the trick has worked for me and  today I did some R&D and got success in place "Read More". And it is very easy to add "Read More" widget to your blog even which you already created or going to create.

If you want to add "Read More" widget in your old post then just log on in your blogger account and  go to Dashboard click on edit post then click on Edit  of that post in which you want to add "Read More" widget

After opening the post for edit just place the cursor where you want to place “Read More” widget and click on Insert jump break button:
One thick line will be inserted in your blog post

Same way you can place Read More widget in your new post just click of Insert jump break after which line you want to show "Read More" widget.

Now save  and publish you post. After publishing just close the internet explorer and again open your blog by typing the URL in internet explorer and you will find "Read More" widget added in your blog. It is done.

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