How to calculate HRA for Income tax rebate?

As per Income Tax department circular No. 8/2012 dated 5 Oct 2012 the HRA calculation which is illustrated in that as under

Dearness Allowance
House Rent Allowance
House rent paid
General Provident Fund
Life Insurance Premium
Subscription to Unit-Linked Insurance Plan

VB.Net code for validating Email in a text box

There is several code for validating an email address enter in a text box and on this subject I already written a post and included a simple code for that but that code was just for beginner but here I am mentioning vb.code that is very useful for validating  email.  Just create a sub procedure and and call that sub procedure. the code for the sub procedure will be as under. For better understanding of these type of vb.net code or database related inquiry the book written by Mike Murach is very good book which is available on amazon with free shipping charge, I will suggest one can  refer

Public Sub Email_Leave(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)
Dim txtEmail_1 As TextBox = sender
f txtEmail_1.Text <> "" Then
Dim rex As Match = Regex.Match(Trim(txtEmail_1.Text), "^([0-9a-zA-Z]([-.\w]*[0-9a-zA-Z])*@([0-9a-zA-Z][-\w]*[0-9a-zA-Z]\.)+[a-zA-Z]{2,3})$", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase)
If rex.Success = False Then
MessageBox.Show("Check your Email-Address 1", "Information", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Information)
txtEmail_1.BackColor = Color.blue
Exit Sub
txtEmail_1.BackColor = Color.White
End If
End If
End Sub


Mathematical Games for students or for Kids VB.Net code

In this post I am going to show how to designed and program a mathematical quiz program in VB.net.  This game is very simple and good entertainer for school students as well as kids and also it is  a brain twister adults. For this mathematical fun quiz you need to take following steps to designed and program it.
1.       Take a windows form and Add following on it
Text – blank
Font-bold 14
Text – blank
Font-bold 14
Text   +
Font-bold 14
Text – Next
Font-bold 14
Text – “”
Font-bold 14
To show the scores and time
                   Timer1-                            enable- time interval-1000


Know about your New Bank Cheque Book ? Cross Cheque, Multicity Cheque

The History of cheque is very old and in earlier days cheque was know by different names like During Mauryan period it is called Aadesh,  Romans called  praescriptiones and Muslim trader called it Saqq etc.

The first banking cheque was introduced in 1717 by Bank of England. It was a preprinted form which was printed on cheque paper to prevent any fraud and this is a reason call it  cheque book. Since its introduction in banking business, it was endeavor of every countries's central banks to regulate the rule and regulation to make it fraud proof as well as easy to use.

To make cheque facility more fraud proof in India, the Reserve Bank of India has issued some guideline to all the bankers operating in India and asked them to withdraw all earlier issued cheque book from their customers  and issue new cheque book  which are made with some modifications to make the cheque book more fraud proof.


PAN Card documents requirement to obtain !

Obtaining PAN card has become hassle free and anybody can get PAN card without paying any agent payment. Just need to pay processing fee Rs. 96/ for Individual  that can be paid through Debit car/Credit Card/ Net Banking or Demand draft. For getting PAN card one have to have  documents for 
  • (i) Identity proof
  • (ii) Residence proof
  • (iii) Aadhar card, it is optional but it will make the process very fast

Study materials down load from IGNOU website

The Indira Gandhi National Open University(IGNOU) has started an online facility to down load study materials for coursed conducted by  IGNOU for its student, faculty members and for general public to down load the IGNOU course study materials from its subsidiary website .egyankosh. For down  loading the IGNOU Study material  one has to register himself by filling a web form and creating an account on egyankosh website of IGNOU. for detail procedure visit blog Distance Education and Employment you will found a tutorial for down loading the study material from the web site and beside the  IGNOU study material if any one wants Neeraj Publication  guess book of IGNOU the same can be found  here  click here


Documents required for obtaining PAN Card! How to get online PAN Card

In present economic scenario PAN Card has become a very important document. Without PAN one can;t do any banking transaction as well as any financial transaction and in coming days PAN card and Aadhar Card will become main documents for your survival in this electronics yug. If one does not have these both documents , he will not get any government authorized social economical benefits like subsidies  or banking services etc. If one don't have PAN card then bank will not permit him to do any financial transactions beyond Rs. 50000/-. When PAN was started people have not given that much importance as they think that obtaining PAN card means compulsory payment of income tax but slowly but gradually we  come to know the importance of PAN card and now it become one of the main identity proof document. PAN Card is a unique 10 digit numbers and all its numbers have it own meaning. First five  characters are letters, next four characters are number and last character is letter.

when it was started, it was little difficult to obtain PAN card as PAN card was issued by Income Tax Department so we need to give it to some agent who charge lots of money for getting your PAN Card issued but now Income tax department has outsources  this service to UTI and NSDL and these two institutions are   helping IT department for timely issuance of PAN Card. Now obtaining PAN Card is not difficult as it can be  obtained  through online.  following steps need to be follow for obtaining PAN Card online.:


How to check EPF account balance? EPF Status

On 30 Nov 2012 , the Employee Provident Fund has started a portal service for the EPF members to check their EPF balance and claim status online. The Central PF commissioner Shri RC Mishra launched the facilities at EPF headquarter New Delhi. 


How to prepare a crystal report VB 2010- a tutorial for begginers

Crystal reports need database drivers to connect to connect a data source for accessing data and showing into a report. VB.Net support two methods to access data from data source and publish it .

(i)                  These two methods are The Pull Model: When this model is used to access data from the data source, the data driver directly from data source. This model does not require a dataset means this model does not require the programmer to write any additional code. The crystal report creates and manages the SQL commands for connecting to the data source and retrieving data from it.
Crystal Report-------------Data---------------Data source


How to make a BMI Calculator?- JAVA CODE,

BMI stand for body mass index and the calculator which is use to calculate the BMI is called BMI Calculator or BMI Index calculator. It is a scale which use to evaluate health condition of a person. and the scale for BMI calculator is  as under
  • Under weight     -      below 18.5
  • Normal              -      18.5 to 24.9
  • Over weight       -       25 to  29.9
  • Obesity              -      above 30
The mathematical formula for calculating BMI is = weight/(height)^2
( convert the height into meter and weight into Kg)

If you want to create a widget for you visitors just copy the undermentioned java code and paste it into your add gadget box

function calcBMIcalculator(form, feet, inches, pounds) {
if(feet=="") { alert("Please enter height in feet"); return false; }
if(inches=="") { alert("Please enter in inches"); return false; }
if(pounds=="") { alert("Please enter your weight"); return false; }
TotalInches = eval(feet*12) + eval(inches)
Meters = TotalInches/39.36
Kilos = pounds/2.205
Square = Meters * Meters
form.calcval.value = (Math.round(Kilos/Square))
} // -->
<font face=arial size=2>
<H3>Calculate Your Body Mass Index (BMI)</H3>
<FORM NAME="bmi">
Enter your height in feet:
and inches:
Enter your weight in pounds:
<INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" name="calc" value="Calculate BMI"
<b>Your result: <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" name="calcval" size=10></b>
BMI below 18.5 = Underweight<BR>
BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 = Healthy Range<BR>
BMI between 25 and 29.9 = Overweight <BR>
BMI over 30 = Obese
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How to create a fraud proof PIN for ATM?

Recently a data was published about ATM in India as as per that India has completed in one lakh ATM machine installed and State Bank of India is a leading bank as 59%  ATM machines installed by State Bank of India. This show, how our  transaction has moved from human teller to Automated teller Machine and most of us are using ATM machines for various kind of bank transactions and in these transaction the most important is our PIN, if it is once compromised, the price one have to pay. So your PIN is the main items which you need to protect to save guard your hard earned money.

But question arose , how to make this four digits number uncrackable by fraudsters. While reading a post on Yahoo, I come and across with a post which was all about the ATM PIN security and how people generate their PIN. As per data analysis firm Data Genetics have found that the three most popular combinations, "1234", "1111", and "0000" account for almost 20% of all four digit PIN.

People mostly choose combination of birth date, year  and month as a PIN. which is very easy for thief to crack as most of us birth year is in 1900 to 1999 , date between number 1-31 and months between 01-12 which is obvious  numerical sequence so it is very easy for thief to crack and most commonly combination is MMDD which starting two digits are 01-12 and last two digits are between 01-31 the study said. Therefore the researcher of  Data Genetics firm say that choosing your birthday , your birth year or a number that might be a lot of other people's birthday or birth year makes your PIN easier to guess. other end the least popular combination, 8o68 appears less than 0.001 % of the  time. these are some groups which are rarely used, "8o93","9629","6835" and 7537". so to make your PIN strong avoid using the combination of date of birth of your or your family members and make it habit to change your PIN number very frequently and never share it anybody even not with your bankers.


Join vCommission to Monetize your Blog. Is vCommission is better than clickbank or Commission junction ?

After rejection of my  Google Adsense account request I have tried many option to monetize my blogs as I want to prove my friends that money can be made from Internet by sitting and writing from  Home. So rejection of my Google Adsence account made me more determined and I started searching various option and in some case I got success too. In the process of my search I found lot many articles and discussions about the affiliate program of  Clickbank and Commission junction and by inspiring from those discussions and articles I also open  my account on clickbank and commission junction. and promoted the products from both these affiliates but my experience was not so encouraging as I found the products included in clickbank is most of its are not physical product and very few people use that product and most of the products are spamming  product and I had not made any amount from clickbank as I was not able to write any thing about the products which are available on click for promotion some how I found the products promoted through  commission junction are physical product and advertisers are from all over of globe even the Advertisers from India are also available on commission junction but recently I come to know about two affilitiate program dgmpro and vCommission , these are Indian affiliate junction which is so innovative and and products which are promoted through these affiliates are very genuine and it is very easy to write some thing about those products in your blog for promoting the product. vCommission and dgm is having all types of promotion like, Cost per click(CPC),Coast per lead(CPA) and Cost per Sale(CPS) and withing two months of my campaign I earned almost Rs 3000/- where on clickbank  or Commission Junction I failed to do the same. Therefore No I am using vCommission and dgmpro to monetize my blog and also I suggest my blogger friends to just give a chance to vCommissiond and dgmpro an and see the result.

Now question will arise, How one can become an affiliate of vCommission or dgmpro, my reply is very simple just visit vCommission.com and dgmpro and create your user id and password by filling a detail form and after submitting this form you will get an approval email from vCommission dgm. These are my personal opinion about the clickbank and Commission Junction even many people made and still making good money from the these two sites too but I found vCommission or dgmpro is more user friendly and having best campaign from all from the globe with rate of commission very good.
Source : vcommission.com

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How to know RRB application status of application submitted for various posts. .

         After postponement of Railway recruitment examination of employment notice number 3/2012 which was earlier fixed on 28/10/2012 will now be conducted on 02/12/2012 and 09/12/2012. But many applicants are worry as they did not get their admit card till to date and they also not know their application status so to ease out their tension most of the railway recruitment boards have given a link on their home site where one can check their application status but some of the links are not opening but most of its are opening. So if you need to know your application status click the below mention link where you have submitted your application.

 for exhaustive detail one need to go through the employment notice published by RRB . All the candidates are advised that the railway conduct its all recruitment in very transparent manner and recruitment made only on merit basis without any favor to any candidates. And these test are very easy for all those who do some sincere attempt  and made practice to previous year questions.  However these are some good books which will  be helpful in preparation for RRB examination. These  books can be purchased from Flipkart.com by clicking on the link provided below:
To Know the causes for rejection of RRB employment  application Click here


How to Purchase a New Dishtv connection online! Dishtv new connection from Dishtv official website.

      I was in need of a new Dishtv connection for my office use so to get the dishtv connection I visited so called authorized dealer of Dishtv in my nearest market and all the authorized dealer of my market ready to supply the new dishtv connection on payment of Rs. 1700/- for dishtv standard connection where the price of same is quoted on dishtv official website is Rs 990/- when I asked these so called authorized dealers why so much differences in your rate and rate quoted by official website of Dishtv, they told that they need to earn Rs.700/ per connection as margin profit and they are not bother about the rate quoted by dishtv official website. I have some argument with that dealer and went away to some other dealer and asked him to show me a DTH connection of other company but the monopoly and unionism is ho high that the other dealer is also not agreed to give me a dishtv connection. 

       After all this I come back and opened my computer and went to the official site, as I often do online purchasing from site like ebay, flipkart, homeshop18 etc so I decided to let buy the dishtv connection from the official site of Dishtv as they are promising on very cheap compare to what offered by their agent also they are giving free home delivery. So I purchased the dishtv connection from Dishtv official website by making online payment and Rs.990/- was deducted from my bank account the procedure was very simple. But the problem started after five days " Dishtv ke official website to sabka bap nikla" the dishtv people neither contacted me nor deliver the dishtv connection even after  my several reminder to dishtv customer care , they started giving me time next 24 hours again next 48 hours but nothing happened.

        When I threaten them that I will move consumer court if my distv is not supply then I got a call from Dishtv Delhi office and they informed me that the home delivery facility is not available in my area. I asked why this information is not given on the website, he has no reply. Then I asked him please refund my amount,in reply he advised me to contact to dishtv customer care when I contacted dishtv customer care the customer care executive asked me to send the bank statement with bank logo and transaction slip by which the payment was made. As I often do online purchasing I have never asked by any portal to send such documenst for refund. Even IRCTC people being a government entity , they do very swiftly payment refund to their customer but Dishtv is doing mischief and harassing their customer and misusing customers hard earn money. My advised for every one who like to purchase dishtv online please rethink  about his decision and in last  if they decided to purchase dishtv online and their is no alternate then visit the official web site of Dishtv and make purchase by making online payment. The purchase of Dishtv online is very simple but getting supply is very difficult.



That days are not far when iphone will out date computers from all sphere of daily use of individuals.Recent studies show that compare to earlier years, now people are using iphone or smartphone more frequently than PC or laptop for paying their daily utility bills and these trends are increasing days by days and months by months. Therefore iPhone application development market have great opportunity to earn online money with less efforts by developing iphone applications. You have great iphone application ideas but  you:


Know Apple MacBook Pro MD313LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop and then Buy:

Apple has introduced its latest improved version of   Apple MacBook Pro MD 3131LL/A 13.3 inch laptop. The state of art dual core Intel i5 processor delivers up to 2x faster performance compare to its previous generation MacBook pro. With new technology lets which make the data transfer at lightning fast and the thunderbolt new technology connect with its peripheral in no time.

 The in built HD camera which enable the user to make astonishingly HD video call. Every MacBook come with operating system X lion , a world most advanced Operating System with over 250 features including

  • Multi touch gestures
  • Mission control
  • Full screen application
  • Launch pad

Some Key Features

  • Thunderbolt Technology which give 10 gigabits per second of transfer speed  in both direction
  • Next-Generation Dual-Core Intel Processor: The MacBook is power with second generation i5 dual core Intel Processor which provides great help in digital media management, contents creation and 3D gaming. capabilities.
     Key technical specifications
    Product Features
    ·         2.4 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 Processor
    ·         4GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM
    ·         500 GB Hard Drive, 8x DVD/CD SuperDrive
    ·         13.3-Inch LED-backlit Display, 1280-by-800 Resolution, Intel HD Graphics 3000
    ·         Mac OS X v10.7 Lion, 7 Hour Battery Life
    Hard Drive
    Size: 500 GB
    ·         Manufacturer: VERTEX AGILITY 3 / 240GB
    ·         Type: Serial ATA
    ·         Speed: 5400 rpm
    Processor, Memory, and Motherboard
    ·         Hardware Platform: Mac
    ·         Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5
    ·         System Bus Speed: 2400 MHz
    ·         Number of Processors: 1
    ·         RAM: 4 GB
    ·         RAM Type: SDRAM
    ·         Max RAM: 8 GB
    ·         Memory Slots: 2 DDR
    Graphics and Display
    ·         Graphics Card: HD Graphics 3000
    ·         Graphics RAM: 384 MB
    ·         LCD Native Resolution: 1280 x 800
    Ports and Connectivity
    ·         USB 2.0 Ports: 2
    Cases and Expandability
    ·         Size (LWH): 0 inches, 0 inches, 0 inches
    ·         Weight: 8.24 pounds
    ·         Rated Charge (normal use): 7 hours
        * For 500 GB Hard Drive: Amazon rate is $1119.99
        * For 700 GB Hard Drive: Amazon rate is $1416.12

        This MacBook Pro MD 3131LL/A 13.3 inch laptop.is in the Amazon top 100 best seller list for last 6 months and you can find lots of mind blowing reviews from the user of this MBP on amazon so if you like to buy this MacBook amazon is best place to shop and for this product Amazon offering
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    *12 months financing (see full details)