Join vCommission to Monetize your Blog. Is vCommission is better than clickbank or Commission junction ?

After rejection of my  Google Adsense account request I have tried many option to monetize my blogs as I want to prove my friends that money can be made from Internet by sitting and writing from  Home. So rejection of my Google Adsence account made me more determined and I started searching various option and in some case I got success too. In the process of my search I found lot many articles and discussions about the affiliate program of  Clickbank and Commission junction and by inspiring from those discussions and articles I also open  my account on clickbank and commission junction. and promoted the products from both these affiliates but my experience was not so encouraging as I found the products included in clickbank is most of its are not physical product and very few people use that product and most of the products are spamming  product and I had not made any amount from clickbank as I was not able to write any thing about the products which are available on click for promotion some how I found the products promoted through  commission junction are physical product and advertisers are from all over of globe even the Advertisers from India are also available on commission junction but recently I come to know about two affilitiate program dgmpro and vCommission , these are Indian affiliate junction which is so innovative and and products which are promoted through these affiliates are very genuine and it is very easy to write some thing about those products in your blog for promoting the product. vCommission and dgm is having all types of promotion like, Cost per click(CPC),Coast per lead(CPA) and Cost per Sale(CPS) and withing two months of my campaign I earned almost Rs 3000/- where on clickbank  or Commission Junction I failed to do the same. Therefore No I am using vCommission and dgmpro to monetize my blog and also I suggest my blogger friends to just give a chance to vCommissiond and dgmpro an and see the result.

Now question will arise, How one can become an affiliate of vCommission or dgmpro, my reply is very simple just visit vCommission.com and dgmpro and create your user id and password by filling a detail form and after submitting this form you will get an approval email from vCommission dgm. These are my personal opinion about the clickbank and Commission Junction even many people made and still making good money from the these two sites too but I found vCommission or dgmpro is more user friendly and having best campaign from all from the globe with rate of commission very good.
Source : vcommission.com

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