How to create a fraud proof PIN for ATM?

Recently a data was published about ATM in India as as per that India has completed in one lakh ATM machine installed and State Bank of India is a leading bank as 59%  ATM machines installed by State Bank of India. This show, how our  transaction has moved from human teller to Automated teller Machine and most of us are using ATM machines for various kind of bank transactions and in these transaction the most important is our PIN, if it is once compromised, the price one have to pay. So your PIN is the main items which you need to protect to save guard your hard earned money.

But question arose , how to make this four digits number uncrackable by fraudsters. While reading a post on Yahoo, I come and across with a post which was all about the ATM PIN security and how people generate their PIN. As per data analysis firm Data Genetics have found that the three most popular combinations, "1234", "1111", and "0000" account for almost 20% of all four digit PIN.

People mostly choose combination of birth date, year  and month as a PIN. which is very easy for thief to crack as most of us birth year is in 1900 to 1999 , date between number 1-31 and months between 01-12 which is obvious  numerical sequence so it is very easy for thief to crack and most commonly combination is MMDD which starting two digits are 01-12 and last two digits are between 01-31 the study said. Therefore the researcher of  Data Genetics firm say that choosing your birthday , your birth year or a number that might be a lot of other people's birthday or birth year makes your PIN easier to guess. other end the least popular combination, 8o68 appears less than 0.001 % of the  time. these are some groups which are rarely used, "8o93","9629","6835" and 7537". so to make your PIN strong avoid using the combination of date of birth of your or your family members and make it habit to change your PIN number very frequently and never share it anybody even not with your bankers.