How to Purchase a New Dishtv connection online! Dishtv new connection from Dishtv official website.

      I was in need of a new Dishtv connection for my office use so to get the dishtv connection I visited so called authorized dealer of Dishtv in my nearest market and all the authorized dealer of my market ready to supply the new dishtv connection on payment of Rs. 1700/- for dishtv standard connection where the price of same is quoted on dishtv official website is Rs 990/- when I asked these so called authorized dealers why so much differences in your rate and rate quoted by official website of Dishtv, they told that they need to earn Rs.700/ per connection as margin profit and they are not bother about the rate quoted by dishtv official website. I have some argument with that dealer and went away to some other dealer and asked him to show me a DTH connection of other company but the monopoly and unionism is ho high that the other dealer is also not agreed to give me a dishtv connection. 

       After all this I come back and opened my computer and went to the official site, as I often do online purchasing from site like ebay, flipkart, homeshop18 etc so I decided to let buy the dishtv connection from the official site of Dishtv as they are promising on very cheap compare to what offered by their agent also they are giving free home delivery. So I purchased the dishtv connection from Dishtv official website by making online payment and Rs.990/- was deducted from my bank account the procedure was very simple. But the problem started after five days " Dishtv ke official website to sabka bap nikla" the dishtv people neither contacted me nor deliver the dishtv connection even after  my several reminder to dishtv customer care , they started giving me time next 24 hours again next 48 hours but nothing happened.

        When I threaten them that I will move consumer court if my distv is not supply then I got a call from Dishtv Delhi office and they informed me that the home delivery facility is not available in my area. I asked why this information is not given on the website, he has no reply. Then I asked him please refund my amount,in reply he advised me to contact to dishtv customer care when I contacted dishtv customer care the customer care executive asked me to send the bank statement with bank logo and transaction slip by which the payment was made. As I often do online purchasing I have never asked by any portal to send such documenst for refund. Even IRCTC people being a government entity , they do very swiftly payment refund to their customer but Dishtv is doing mischief and harassing their customer and misusing customers hard earn money. My advised for every one who like to purchase dishtv online please rethink  about his decision and in last  if they decided to purchase dishtv online and their is no alternate then visit the official web site of Dishtv and make purchase by making online payment. The purchase of Dishtv online is very simple but getting supply is very difficult.