Easy and simple tips and tricks to improve your Alexa back links and Ranking

I would like to share my experience which I gained with a short span of time .I started my blogging somewhere in Nov 2010 and started using Alexa toolbar to know my Alexa Page rank in Feb 2011 but initially I found my Alexa page rank was not improving rapidly.Page ranking in Alexa is just opposite the Google in Google page ranking the highest the number is better where in Alexa it is lower the number better the ranking. but after some experience which I gained from various SEO articles/sited what I feel that if we take little effort our ranking of Alexa can be improved very rapidly and we can get back links from Alexa. Within last one month my Alexa ranking improved almost 2 lakhs.

How to write simple vb.net mark sheet program for beginner

it is simple program for beginners
1. take five text boxes or as much text boxes as much subject is there.
2. take accordingly label and change label text property as name of subject
3. take a command button