Easy and simple tips and tricks to improve your Alexa back links and Ranking

I would like to share my experience which I gained with a short span of time .I started my blogging somewhere in Nov 2010 and started using Alexa toolbar to know my Alexa Page rank in Feb 2011 but initially I found my Alexa page rank was not improving rapidly.Page ranking in Alexa is just opposite the Google in Google page ranking the highest the number is better where in Alexa it is lower the number better the ranking. but after some experience which I gained from various SEO articles/sited what I feel that if we take little effort our ranking of Alexa can be improved very rapidly and we can get back links from Alexa. Within last one month my Alexa ranking improved almost 2 lakhs.
What some simple tricks I adopted to improve my Alexa ranking are as under:
1.     Alexa gives us the ability to co-brand the toolbar with our blog/website logo and give it away. So download the Alexa toolbar and use it daily.
2.     Place Alexa site widget on your blog/web site.
3.     If possible use your blog/site which is having Alexa widget as a home page in browser.
4.     Request your visitor or friends to review your blog on Alexa.for this you can put a relevant Alexa page link on you blog.
5.     The top 500 domain, as per Alexa ranking can be found at Alexa.com so write you own review on the top 200 rated Alexa sites.
6.     Submit your blog on as many web/blog directories as you can.
7.     Get listing as much web/blog directory as you can.
8.     Write good posts about Alexa and its services.
9. After adopting above tips beside improvement of my Alexa ranking I also got my Alexa and yahoo back link improved Alexa improved from 0 to 10 and Yahoo from 102 to 282.

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