How to transfer feedburner feed counts from one account to another?

When one who due to change of his domain name or change of feedburner feed address always fear to lose their  valuable and reliable  feed subscriber which they gained after putting lots of efforts by publishing and investing lots of time to get a feed subscriber  so they hesitate to change their feed address but very few know that a feed burner feed can be transfer easy from one account to another  The feedburner itself provide facilities to transfer feed from one account to another account and it is very  easy and anyone who want to transfer  his/her feed can do The following simple steps are required to be taken for transferring feed :


How to convert temperature from Fahrenheit scale to Celsius scale? Vb.net code for Beginner

It is   very easy to code a windows form for converting temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Just add a new windows form and add two label controls, tow text box controls  and one button control on windows form and set their property accordingly

How to display current date, time and day of given date? vb.net code for beginners

During learning of Visual basic such task has been given to the learner in very beginning stage of learning.So let first design the windows form and place the various controls on windows form. The control which I am using is as under


Things should be known before signing of an agreement.

Agreement means" Every promise or every set of promises, forming consideration for each other" A promise means " when the person to whom the proposal is made, signifies his assent thereto , the proposal is said to be accepted. Therefore, for all agreements, there must be a proposal and an acceptance of that proposal. But mare acceptance of a proposal by a person not make agreement but the person who is accepting the proposal must be legally capable to accept that proposal otherwise that accepted agreement is void  ab initio.


How to monitor user activities of my software? VB.Net code for beginners

A user activities like who at what time logged in and logged out from your application can be monitored by creating a log file which catch the user id and log in time when ever a user logged in by entering his/her user id and password in log in form. As ethically it is not advice able to catch the user id and password  both together so in my post I will show only how to monitored the user the user activities like log in time and logged out time in my application.For better understanding of these type of vb.net code or database related inquiry the book written by Mike Murach is very good book which is available on amazon with free shipping charge, I will suggest one can  refer them. Beside these book if you want a software to monitor all activities of your computer user then  Max keylogger is an all in one keystroke logger & monitoring Software. it is a complete PC surveillance software package, designed to keep track of all keystrokes. In addition to its primary key capture function it performs as a full-fledged computer monitoring Software: This unique software allows remote computer monitoring and keylogger recording in real time such as logs any password and makes screenshots, tracks Internet sessions etc. 

Let discuss the VB.net code for recording user activities.I have designed my log in form like this


How to create a customized splash form? Vb.Net Code for beginners

Splash form for any application is a first windows,where the user interact with the programmer. and it is well said that first impression in the last impression. The same way a good created splash form creates a good impression about the programmer as well as program. For better understanding of these type of vb.net code or database related inquiry the book written by Mike Murach is very good book which is available on amazon with free shipping charge, I will suggest one can  refer. These are the some steps which you need to take to create a good splash form for your application


How to check GPF Status?

The Accountant General Rajkot maintains GPF accounts of  more than 1.5 lakh employees of the Gujrat Government as well as Employees of Daman & Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli administration. To  enable the account holders know their account details  like GPF missing details, GPF current balance  readily, the accountant general Rajkot has started online service where account holder can check their details  from Accountant General official web site


How to Book Your E-Tickets Sitting At Home?

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Booking of train e tickets has become very simple and convenient now. Just follow the simple steps and you are ready to travel.


How to write a simple application using Visual Basic. NET? for Beginners

As in my previous post I have explained about the site from one can get express version of Visual Studio. Net. After downloading install the Visual Studio.NET on you computer. So now lets learn how to write a simple Windows application.


How to use 3G slot of HCL Laptop?

I am having a HCL ME ICON 1024 model  laptop , I have purchased this laptop in August 2011 because of the configuration of this laptop that was matching my requirement and price wise also this laptop was quite cheap when  purchased and also it was a offer time for  HCL. as I got many free accessories, speaker , Antivirus software with extended warranty for 3 years period. And they also promised me to provide  data card of  TATA Docomo on discount.. 

How and from where we can download Visual Studio 2008 Express? for beginners

The express version of Visual Studio can be downloaded from the official site of Microsoft. The expression version is enough for learning and basic development of  a software but if you are a profession programmer then it is advisable to have a profession version of Microsoft Visual Studio.  This express version of Visual studio is very suitable for programmer like hobbiesst, students or even for some extend it is quite suitable but a serious programmer required to have a purchase copy of Visual Studio. NET. 


How to start a new project in Vb.Net? ABC of Vb.Net for beginners

After installation of Visual Basic Studio on our Computer.  We need  follow following steps to start a new project in Visual Basic Studio.NET

  1. Select Program> Microsoft Visual Studio.NET>Microsoft Visual Studio.NET from Start menu. This will start Visual Studio >Net and display the start page. The start page provides a Central location for setting preferred option. it allows developers to access existing and recent projects and create new project with click of a button.


How to create a log file ? VB.Net Code Visual Basic software program for beginners

       A log file in programming is very important especially during trial/testing period of a software development  because the log file in any programming language or Visual Basic  can be used to catch the error which were generated while using the software and get it solved while debugging. For better understanding of these type of vb.net code or database related inquiry the book written by Mike Murach is very good book which is available on amazon with free shipping charge, I will suggest one can  refer.So a log files help a programmer  lots as it gives details about actual error, otherwise you have to depend upon the user who is using the