How to use 3G slot of HCL Laptop?

I am having a HCL ME ICON 1024 model  laptop , I have purchased this laptop in August 2011 because of the configuration of this laptop that was matching my requirement and price wise also this laptop was quite cheap when  purchased and also it was a offer time for  HCL. as I got many free accessories, speaker , Antivirus software with extended warranty for 3 years period. And they also promised me to provide  data card of  TATA Docomo on discount.. 

 I  am very much satisfy with the performance of my above quoted HCL Laptop. But one facility which  played very important role  for choosing this laptop was 3G slot, and like others I also thought that 3G slot means just insert 3G SIM and browse internet but it was  not the case  , to use 3G SIM  one need to purchase an additional hardware from the HCL authorized dealer and get the same installed in the laptop. This is not the case only  with HCL for , this is the case with other  companies made laptop too, if  anyone need to 3G slot, he has to purchase on 3G module .

As we know the 3G slot of above mentioned laptop is located behind the battery consol which can only be seen after removing the batter from Laptop. to avoid my warranty related issue,  I have purchased a hardware the 3G module from the HCL authorized dealer and got installed . The cost of the module in negotiable which depend on your talent of negotiation. The cost of this module is more than Rs. 2000 which is  quite costly compare to a data card  so one have to think about purchasing a data card instead of purchasing this module which can be used in only on laptop where data card can be used in laptop or desktop.

After installing this hardware module,  one need to installed the other  hardware drivers which you got at the time of purchase of you laptop. The sequence of installation of hardware drivers will be:
(i) Chip set 
(iii) Wireless LAN & Bluetooth
it is advisable to restart your laptop after installing each of the drivers.  if you lost the the driver CD of your HCL laptop you can download from the  HCL official site

I shared my experience , I hope it may help you too.

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