Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Board(BCECE)!

BCECE has invited application from all eligible candidates for admission in Medical colleges of Bihar. The application form can be purchased from all the medical colleges of Bihar and other designated sellers from 27 Dec 2011 onward on the payment of Rs 670.00 for General and Rs. 340.00 for SC/ST. 


AIPMT Admission Notice issued by CBSE for the year of 2012 test.

After lots of noise for centralized single test for all the medical colleges in India  to multiple test and  lastly CBSE announced that they will conduct the AIPMT only for the 15%  all India seats during the year 2012.They have invited online application for AIPM/ Pre-dental  test for admission to 15% of the total seats for Medical/Dental Courses in all Medical/Dental Colleges run by the Union of India, State Governments, Municipal and other local authorities in India except in the States of ANDHRA PRADESH and JAMMU & KASHMIR.the online application can be filled without late fee up to 25 Jan 2012 and with late fee 24 Feb 2012and  test will be conducted on:

Preliminary test:         01 Apr 2012
Final Test:                   13 May 2012

For detail click here
How to apply on line
Click to download information booklet


How to restore backed up data in Vb.net application database? Vb.Net Computer programming Code for beginners

In my previous post  I have written about the VB.Net code for taking back up from an application database. Knowing the way for restoring the backed up data in a database in as important as taking  backup. And action in both the case is opposite to each others. In backup we copy the data from an application database to other directory or folder of a computer where in restoring, we are copy the data from that folder or directory to application database. For better understanding of these type of vb.net code or database related inquiry the book written by Mike Murach is very good book which is available on amazon with free shipping charge, I will suggest one can be refer


How to connect Samsung mobile with computer for surfing internet?

Using Samsung Mobile as a modem for surfing internet by connecting the mobile with laptop or PC is very easy and also very handy.  if you like to buy Samsung Mobile you can even online from any reputable online vendors like Amazon or Flipkart as they have lots of offers like free shipping and 30 days return policy.All  you  need to establish internet connection are:
  • Samsung mobile phone with GPRS Setting fully installed in your mobile.
  • Samsung PC Suite.
  • Data Cable


How to take backup from a database? Vb.net computer programming code for beginners

Taking backup from a database  in data management system is very important as the data which we are generating in our daily use of a software is required to be safely backed up to avoid loss of data due to break down of computer by any reasons, like virus attack, or software/ hardware breakdown.For better understanding of these type of vb.net code or database related inquiry the book written by Donald E Knuth Bible of Computer programming is very great book which is available on amazon with free shipping charge, I will suggest one can  refer


Which are the reserved keyword in Vb.net programming? Vb.Net for beginners

Which are the reserved keyword in Vb.net programming? the beginners must know it. There are some words in each programming languages which are kept as reserve for that particular language and programmers are not advised to use such key word in naming the database field or a variables. if it is used then it will create problems in compiling and will give error message. 


Bihar Matric and Intermediate Result 2013 !

Obtain your Bihar Matric or Intermediate Result. The Bihar School Examination Board has launched their new web site and all the result now will be available  on this new site. Beside result one can also view other various type of information like


How to validate Email in a text box? Vb.Net code for beginner

To check whether user is entering a valid email  format or not. We need to write a vb.net code , which  is very simple and also easy. To show this I will create a function to check the entry made by user.For better understanding of these type of vb.net code or database related inquiry the book written by Mike Murach is very good book which is available on amazon with free shipping charge, I will suggest one can  refer


How to trace out your lost mobile? A true story.

How to trace out a lost mobile set? I have got back my lost mobile withing two weeks of time. In the first week of November, I have forget my mobile in a apparel shop in Silvassa and after two hours of lost,  I realized that I have forgotten my mobile some where so I started recollecting the event then I recollected that I have forgotten it in a apparel shop which very famous in Silvassa town.


how to download Admit card for UP Police Sub-Inspector recruitment test?

The UP Police Sub-Inspector recruitment Test which is schedule to be held on 11 Dec 2011 at 1400 hrs to 1600 hrs at various examination centers.

As per information, the admit card for all eligible personnel have been sent and those who have not received the same can download their Admit Card from the official web site of  UP Police Recruitment and promotion board Lucknow.

 It is relevant to mention here that all those who are downloading their admit card for above test are required to bring photo identity card with them and without photo identity card the admit card will not be valid

How to get admission in Medical Colleges under Manipal University?

Admission in Medical College under the Manipal University, one of the premier educational institute of India, which provides various technical and non technical diploma, under graduates and post graduate courses . The Admission for MBBS is open and one who wants to get admission in various colleges of The Manipal university can now apply on line or off line by purchasing application form from the various notified banks.

It is relevant to mentioned here that admission in the Manipal university can only be had through examination test only and their is no paid seat in this university, so applicants should be careful for any claim made by any agents 


How to Know the rejected list of candidates in Bihar TET test?

Bihar Board has published and uploaded the rejected list of candidates for  Bihar teacher eligibility test and same can be had from the official site of  Bihar school examination board Patna  www.Biharboard.net.


How much disk space require for a website ? a rough calculation

click hereNow days many individuals who are  either for  business promotion or for  blogging , they opting to have their own website. So I have tried to give here a rough calculation which willhelp you  at the time of deciding "how much disk space" one need to take for his website because  web hosting charge price is determined on the disk space.There are some free web hosting site but they will not give much freedom to do  with data storage on website. 


How to transfer feedburner feed counts from one account to another?

When one who due to change of his domain name or change of feedburner feed address always fear to lose their  valuable and reliable  feed subscriber which they gained after putting lots of efforts by publishing and investing lots of time to get a feed subscriber  so they hesitate to change their feed address but very few know that a feed burner feed can be transfer easy from one account to another  The feedburner itself provide facilities to transfer feed from one account to another account and it is very  easy and anyone who want to transfer  his/her feed can do The following simple steps are required to be taken for transferring feed :


How to convert temperature from Fahrenheit scale to Celsius scale? Vb.net code for Beginner

It is   very easy to code a windows form for converting temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Just add a new windows form and add two label controls, tow text box controls  and one button control on windows form and set their property accordingly

How to display current date, time and day of given date? vb.net code for beginners

During learning of Visual basic such task has been given to the learner in very beginning stage of learning.So let first design the windows form and place the various controls on windows form. The control which I am using is as under


Things should be known before signing of an agreement.

Agreement means" Every promise or every set of promises, forming consideration for each other" A promise means " when the person to whom the proposal is made, signifies his assent thereto , the proposal is said to be accepted. Therefore, for all agreements, there must be a proposal and an acceptance of that proposal. But mare acceptance of a proposal by a person not make agreement but the person who is accepting the proposal must be legally capable to accept that proposal otherwise that accepted agreement is void  ab initio.


How to monitor user activities of my software? VB.Net code for beginners

A user activities like who at what time logged in and logged out from your application can be monitored by creating a log file which catch the user id and log in time when ever a user logged in by entering his/her user id and password in log in form. As ethically it is not advice able to catch the user id and password  both together so in my post I will show only how to monitored the user the user activities like log in time and logged out time in my application.For better understanding of these type of vb.net code or database related inquiry the book written by Mike Murach is very good book which is available on amazon with free shipping charge, I will suggest one can  refer them. Beside these book if you want a software to monitor all activities of your computer user then  Max keylogger is an all in one keystroke logger & monitoring Software. it is a complete PC surveillance software package, designed to keep track of all keystrokes. In addition to its primary key capture function it performs as a full-fledged computer monitoring Software: This unique software allows remote computer monitoring and keylogger recording in real time such as logs any password and makes screenshots, tracks Internet sessions etc. 

Let discuss the VB.net code for recording user activities.I have designed my log in form like this


How to create a customized splash form? Vb.Net Code for beginners

Splash form for any application is a first windows,where the user interact with the programmer. and it is well said that first impression in the last impression. The same way a good created splash form creates a good impression about the programmer as well as program. For better understanding of these type of vb.net code or database related inquiry the book written by Mike Murach is very good book which is available on amazon with free shipping charge, I will suggest one can  refer. These are the some steps which you need to take to create a good splash form for your application


How to check GPF Status?

The Accountant General Rajkot maintains GPF accounts of  more than 1.5 lakh employees of the Gujrat Government as well as Employees of Daman & Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli administration. To  enable the account holders know their account details  like GPF missing details, GPF current balance  readily, the accountant general Rajkot has started online service where account holder can check their details  from Accountant General official web site


How to Book Your E-Tickets Sitting At Home?

click here

Booking of train e tickets has become very simple and convenient now. Just follow the simple steps and you are ready to travel.


How to write a simple application using Visual Basic. NET? for Beginners

As in my previous post I have explained about the site from one can get express version of Visual Studio. Net. After downloading install the Visual Studio.NET on you computer. So now lets learn how to write a simple Windows application.


How to use 3G slot of HCL Laptop?

I am having a HCL ME ICON 1024 model  laptop , I have purchased this laptop in August 2011 because of the configuration of this laptop that was matching my requirement and price wise also this laptop was quite cheap when  purchased and also it was a offer time for  HCL. as I got many free accessories, speaker , Antivirus software with extended warranty for 3 years period. And they also promised me to provide  data card of  TATA Docomo on discount.. 

How and from where we can download Visual Studio 2008 Express? for beginners

The express version of Visual Studio can be downloaded from the official site of Microsoft. The expression version is enough for learning and basic development of  a software but if you are a profession programmer then it is advisable to have a profession version of Microsoft Visual Studio.  This express version of Visual studio is very suitable for programmer like hobbiesst, students or even for some extend it is quite suitable but a serious programmer required to have a purchase copy of Visual Studio. NET. 


How to start a new project in Vb.Net? ABC of Vb.Net for beginners

After installation of Visual Basic Studio on our Computer.  We need  follow following steps to start a new project in Visual Basic Studio.NET

  1. Select Program> Microsoft Visual Studio.NET>Microsoft Visual Studio.NET from Start menu. This will start Visual Studio >Net and display the start page. The start page provides a Central location for setting preferred option. it allows developers to access existing and recent projects and create new project with click of a button.


How to create a log file ? VB.Net Code Visual Basic software program for beginners

       A log file in programming is very important especially during trial/testing period of a software development  because the log file in any programming language or Visual Basic  can be used to catch the error which were generated while using the software and get it solved while debugging. For better understanding of these type of vb.net code or database related inquiry the book written by Mike Murach is very good book which is available on amazon with free shipping charge, I will suggest one can  refer.So a log files help a programmer  lots as it gives details about actual error, otherwise you have to depend upon the user who is using the


How to limit the characters that can be entered into a Text Box ? Vb.Net Code for beginers

There is very simple code for restricting  the letter entry in a text box and that code can be write on the keypress of that particular textbox in which you want to restrict the entry


How to use wi-fi connection on HCL ME ICON 1024 Laptop?

To use wi-fi of HCL ME ICON Laptop one need to take following steps.

  • Check whether the driver for wi-fi is installed on your laptop or not, if it is not installed then install it from CD which is provided by HCL at the time of purchase or one can down load it from the HCL site.


How to add "Read More" widget in your blogspot blog?

I was in search for the "Read More" widget for quite some time and I had tried various tips and tricks given by many bloggers but none of the trick has worked for me and  today I did some R&D and got success in place "Read More". And it is very easy to add "Read More" widget to your blog even which you already created or going to create.

How to stop unwanted commercial call on your land line/mobile phone?

Unwanted commercial calls and sms are always irritate and created problems to the users of phone and mobiles.The phone and mobile users raise their problems on various forum to get ride from these unsolicited calls from telemarketing companies. To stop such unsolicited calls the TRAI  had taken several steps  like creating of Do call /Do not call registry but they did not get success as telemarketing companies take the advantage of loop hole in the TRAI's order. The height of this unsolicited call reach at peak,  when some one from Telemarketing company   made a call to Finance Minister Mr. Pranav Mukherji and started motivating and requesting  him to take home loan from some bank,  where he was  attending  a  very important meeting .


How to align data in Crystal Report? for beginner VB.Net

This post is for beginner who wants to align data vertically or horizontally in their crystal report in one. It is very easy just open your crystal report and select your text boxes by pressing Control in your keyboard and click mount on that text boxes which you want to align. For better understanding of these type of vb.net code or database related inquiry the book written by Mike Murach is very good book which is available on amazon with free shipping charge, I will suggest one can  refer


How to protect BSNL land line telephone from misuse?

            The BSNL is one of the premier telecom service provider of India beside land line telephone BSNL provides various type of telecom services like, Mobile, WLL, Broadband, 3G etc services to the people of India. It is an Government entity having maximum coverage in all over the India. 


How to check a prime number? Vb.Net code

Vb.net code for a checking a number whether it is prime or not is very simple just write following code on any event on which you want to check the number.For better understanding of these type of vb.net code or database related inquiry the book written by Mike Murach is very good book which is available on amazon with free shipping charge, I will suggest one can be refer



LG, The South Korian mobile giant has launched it much Awaited 4G smartphone with fanfare. The world no 3rd mobile maker  today launched it the Optimus LTE smartphone to give a fight to Samsung 4G Galaxy S-II LTE smartphone. As per the LG vice president some basic data of this much awaited smartphone is as



            Like all bright glitters are not gold same way all expensive laptop are not that much good in compare to their price. but there are some branded company laptop or branded company computer which are cheap in price but robust in their performance. As I am a freelance programmer and computer sevy person having desktop at residence but as my duty is a outdoor duty so I was in search for a cheap priced and latest configured laptop. To find the suitable laptop I  have visited many outlets of Dell laptop, HP, IBM etc but price wise their product were out of my reach  as I was preoccupied with my price target any where between Rs 32000 to Rs 36000. I was pre-decided that if I have to select between  2nd generation Intel® Core™ i3 and i5, I will go for i3 not i5.

How to retrieve photo from Ms Access database? VB.Net code

It is very easy I have tried by creating a function and calling that function at the place ,where it is needed. Just for example  prepare a windows form and create a database in Ms Access as I have described in my previous post. and follow all the step as mentioned in that post.In code editor just create a function


How to add image in Ms-access database? Vb.Net code!

Adding images is database through Vb.net is very simple. Just add a data field in your database for accepting image. For example I have created a database name "Picture" and data table in it named "picroll" with following field name and data type. For better understanding of these type of vb.net code or database related inquiry the book written by Mike Murach is very good book which is available on amazon with free shipping charge, I will suggest one can  refer


What is Tablet Aakash? Know about it!

Government has launched ultra-low-cost tablet and named it Aakash. The tablet is jointly developed by a British Company  and IIT Jodhpur which is decided to assemble it in India, initially for Indian student and then for general public. As per Telecommunication Ministry, Government of India, initially one lakh tablet will be given to student on free of cost as a pilot test. The Government believe the Aakash tablet will bridge the digital divide of India.  It will work as low cost pc for those who are not financially able to purchase Desktop computer or laptop .

What is online shopping and advantages of it?

Online shopping is  a boom in present electronics Yug. It  is a great boom and facilitater for the people who are having very busy life style due to professional as well as social and other work  related engagement.It is advantageous for such individuals to purchase items from online shopping website by making payment through Credit/debit card or through net banking  without wasting their working time or without absenting themselves from their other engagements.


How to pay LIC premium online?

        My relation with Life Insurance Corporation of India is almost 20 years old when I taken my first LIC police  at the age of 19 years and that time I was posted at Kochi. One LIC agent who was ex-Navy man, had motivated me and I took my first LIC Policy "Jiwan Surabhi" from my first salary. That time there was no facility of online payment so I have to give the policy  premium in advance to the LIC Agent and he made the payment to LIC Office Kochi.
         But the problem started when I got transfer from Kochi to Andman Nicobar. for that I had to prepare Demand Draft and send to the LIC Agent who was at Kochi and then he makes payment, some time due to postal or other delay my premium payment also get delayed, so during that period it was very difficult to even maintain a single insurance account but now in this technological "YUG" very things have changed and life become more relax and presently I am holding three LIC policies without any difficulty. The online premium payment facility of LIC has made our life more free and I can go anywhere on transfer without any tension of premium payment.Online premium payment is very easy. If you are having debit/credit card or net banking facilities then just get register on Life Insurance Corporation site
Steps for registration:
  • Go to LIC site www.licindia.in and click on " New user? click here"
  • Fill up your policy detail and click on proceed button and fill up the registration form. All the filed mark with * are mandatory.
  • After creating user id and password go to main site of LIC and get logged by clicking on "LOGIN" and entering your userid and password.
By registering online you will avail following service and can obtain various information.

  • You can view all your previously online paid premium.
  • You can make online payment to your enrolled policy
  • You can view premium paid statement.
  • You can update your profile
  • You can file complain if any
  • You can file feedback
  • You can enroll your all policies here.
  • You can view all your enrolled policies.
  • You can view your all premium due date of enrolled policies
  Other Advantages of Online Premium payment
  • It is hassle free. You can make payment any time day or night.
  • No risk of LIC Agent mismanagement of your premium policy amount.
  • You will get premium due date SMS free of cost from LIC.
  • No paper work even some extend no need to keep your premium payment receipt as it will be available online and you can download it from the site by logging in your account.
  • It will save paper means save environment.
Special advise :
  • Don't fill wrong information
  • Enroll only those policy which are on your name, if you have any policy on your family member's name then register for a separate account.
  • Update your profile regularly for any change like mobile number or address change.
  • Now LIC decided to pay all the policy benefits through NEFT so update your bank detailed by filling up right forms after down loading from LIC site.


LIC Payment through Electronic transfer only

To Bring more transparencies and quick payment  to policy holders for all their  benefits(survival, maturity  surrender payment etc). Life Insurance Corporation of India decided to make the payment directly transferring the amount to the bank account of policy holder. This will be effective from 1/10/2011 onward. So all the LIC policy holders are now required to submit the bank account details accordingly. The details can be  Down loaded from site of Life Insurance Corporation of India  If you want to know more about life insurance of private company like HDFC etc. click here
click here

How to Pay BSNL phone bill online ?

BSNL is a premier telecom service provider of India. it is providing various telecom services like Mobile services, 3G Broadband etc.From limited circle to maximum circle now they have extended online bill payment services. It is very easy and useful too. Anyone having net banking or credit /debit card facility can utilize this service. Only one required to register himself on BSNL site i.e. www.bsnl.co.in



Due to attraction of gravity and motion games. I have purchased micromax x600(gravity) Mobile phone from my local retailer. As they have quoted this phone having following feature.


Big Bazaar Vapi- A Review

Click to know

Big Bazaar Vapi is located approximate 7 Kms away from main Vapi City. Vapi is a biggest Industrial city of Gujrat as well as India. As this City is very close to two prominent Industrial cities of India, Mumbai approx 160 kms and Surat approx 100 Kms which enhance it importance  Vapi is also rail head of two union territories i.e. Daman , and Dadra  Nagar Haveli, these two union territories do not have direct railway connectivity.


Micromax Q5 mobile a review

As I lost my old mobile and due to some financial crunch, I was in search of cheap and best mobile so on  one day on NDTV, I heard about about Micromax mobile.After lots of noise that Micromax is the most searched mobile company on net during 2010. so I decided to let try micromax mobile so I purchased Micromax Q5 mobile after seeing the very attractive packaging and promise which was made on that packaging box.
This mobile is having following facilities:


How to design a VB.net form for creating an unique user ID.

For better understanding  of vb.net code or database related inquiry the book written by Mike Murach is very good book which is available on amazon with free shipping charge, I will suggest one can  refer.
For creating an unique user id.Take following steps ;
1. Create a data table like following columns in ms access. naming "UserAccount"
     (i)   s.no                             -     number
     (ii)  Userid                         -    text           - make it primary key
     (iii) password                    -     text
      (iv) Remarks                    -     text
and else whatever details we want to take from the persons


How to create a serial number in Datagrid vb.net code?

To make the datagride inquiry more speaking a serial number is very much needed but using the database serial number is not proper as database serial number is a serial number of whole data available in data table.where we generate inquiry on special parameter. And it is very simple to create a serial number in adatagride. for that we need to take following step :


How to create a unique login and password in VB.Net programming

To make an aplication more secure we need to create a login where only authorise persons can use your application. So lets create a loging form for that we need following control 


How to create a moving text in VB.Net

To code a moving text in VB.Net.I have used timers and label control. the steps are as under:
1. Take two timers , name it Timer1 and timer2 and set its property.
          (a) Enable- True
          (b) Interval- 100


Easy and simple tips and tricks to improve your Alexa back links and Ranking

I would like to share my experience which I gained with a short span of time .I started my blogging somewhere in Nov 2010 and started using Alexa toolbar to know my Alexa Page rank in Feb 2011 but initially I found my Alexa page rank was not improving rapidly.Page ranking in Alexa is just opposite the Google in Google page ranking the highest the number is better where in Alexa it is lower the number better the ranking. but after some experience which I gained from various SEO articles/sited what I feel that if we take little effort our ranking of Alexa can be improved very rapidly and we can get back links from Alexa. Within last one month my Alexa ranking improved almost 2 lakhs.

How to write simple vb.net mark sheet program for beginner

it is simple program for beginners
1. take five text boxes or as much text boxes as much subject is there.
2. take accordingly label and change label text property as name of subject
3. take a command button


How to get GPRS setting of BSNL mobile.

BSNL has changed it code to get the GPRS setting through SMS and also maximum time their web page for GPRS setting not work properly so they have give new 5 digit number from where we can get GPRS setting. For that we need to send a SMS on 19000 number. It is toll free number.


HTML Text Formatting

HTML defines a lot of elements for formatting of output such bold, italic, capital or small etc.

How to view HTML source
We always seen well decorated web page with lots of information but we ever thought "How it look like that and how do they do it? That can be known by seeing the source code if u know the HTML tags, it will be very easy to understand the HTML webpage. To see the source code of a webpage , simply click on the view option in your browser. This will open a windows that show you the actual HTML of the page. Some text formating HTML tags 

<Pre>           Defines preformatted text
<del>            Defines delete text
<ins>            Defines insert text
<sub>           Defines subscripted or superscripted text
<strong>       Defines strong text
<small>         Defines small  text
<i>                Defines italic text
<em>             Defines emphasized text
<big>            Defines big text
<b>               Defines bold text
<dfn>            Defines a definition 
<q>               Defines short quotation 
<blockquote>Defines long quotation 
<bdo>            Defines text direction 
<address>       Defines an address element
<acronym>     Defines an acronym
<abbr>           Defines an abbreviation

Some character like the < , have special meaning in HTML, and therefore cannot be used in the text.


What are the basic HTML tags?

The most important tags in HTML are tags that define paragraphs ,line break and headlines.
Paragraph tag
Paragraphs are defined with th <p> tag
<p> this is a paragraph </p>
<p> This a new paragraph</p>
HTML automatically adds an extra blank line before and after a paragraph.

Headings are defined with the <h1> to <h6>tags where <h1> defines the largest heading. <h6> defines the smallest heading.
<h1> This is a heading</h1>
<h2> This is a heading</h2>
<h3> This is a heading</h3>
<h4> This is a heading</h4>
<h5> This is a heading</h6>
<h6> This is a heading</h6>
HTML automatically adds an extra blank line before and after a heading.
Line Breaks
The <br> tag is used when you want to end a line, but don't want to start a new paragraph. the <br> tag forces a line break wherever you place it.
<p> this <br> is a new para<br> graph with line break </p>
The <br> tag is empty tag. it has no closing tag.

Comments in HTML
the comment tag is used to insert a comment in HTML source code. A comments will be ignored by the browser. It can be used to give an explanation to the used code which can be helpful at the time of editing.
<!-- this is a comment-->
To conclude the topic the basic HTML tags are
<html>                   -    Defines an HTML documents
<body>                  -    Defines the document's body.
<h1> to <h6>       -    Defines header 1 to header 6.
<p>                        -    Defines paragraph
<br>                      -    Insert a single line break.
<hr>                      -    Defines a horizontal rule
<!-->                     -    Defines a comment


What is HTML Elements?

HTML Documents are files which use HTML elements for creating it. HTML elements are defined using HTML tags. See the following HTML code:
<title> Write down the page tile</title>
Here you can write what ever information you want to share<b> this text bold </b>


In above code  HTML element starts with HTML tag : <b>. The content of the HTML element is : the text is bold. The HTML elements ends with an end tag like </b>. And next the HTML elements starts with HTML the start tag <body> and end with HTML end tag </body>.
the purpose of the <body> tag is to define thew HTML elements that contains the body of the HTML documents.


What is HTML ?

HTML stand for Hyper Text Markup Language. An HTML file is a text file containing small markup tags. The markup tags direct the internet  bowser how to display the page. This file  must have an htm or html extension. An HTML file can be created using a simple text editor like Notepad. Lets try to create an HTML by using Notepad.

Step by Step action to create a HTML file and test it  

  • After opening the computer, click start and then  all programme list
  • Go to Accessories and select Notepad and open it.
  • For example copy and paste the following code on Notepad.
<title> Write down the page tile</title>
Here you can write what ever information you want to share

  • After pasting the above code in Notepad file , save the file by giving .htm as an extension to the file name
  • After saving the file now this file become HTML file. to check it open internet browser
  • After opening browser open the file which you created after pasting the above code.
  • Your file will open in browser just like a internet file.
  • Congratulation now you have crated a HTML file.


What are the options available for web site hosting?

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There are different option available for hosting a web site. Now individual need to decide as his needs, which option is cheap and best for him. Web site hosting can:
  1. Free
  2. Shared
  3. Dedicated
  4. Collocated Hosting

     1.  Free Hosting: Some service providers offer free web hosting. Free web hosting is best suited for small sites with low traffic, like family site, or blogging about hobbies. it is not recommended for high traffic or for real business. 

  • Low cost, its free
  • good for family, hobby or personal blogging
  • Free email is often an option
  • No choice for domain name
  • Few, limited, or no software option
  • limited security option
  • limited or no database support
  • limited technical support
      2. Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is very common, and very cost effective. With shared      hosting, your web site is hosted on a powerful server along with may be 100 or more other websites. 

  • Low cost. Cost is shared with others
  • Good for small business and average traffic.
  • Multiple software option
  • Own domain name
  • Good support
  • Reduced security due to many sites on one server
  • Restriction on traffic volume
  • Restricted database support
  • Restricted software support
      3. Dedicated Hosting: With dedicated hosting your web site is hosted on dedicated server. this is the most expensive form of hosting compare to others.The solution is best suited for large web sites with high  traffic, and web sited that use special software.
  • Good for large business 
  • Good for high traffic
  • Multiple domain names
  • Powerful email solution
  • Powerful database support
  • Strong (unlimited) software support
  • Expensive
  • Requires higher skill to maintain.
     4. Collocated Hosting: Collocated means "Co-location". It is a solution that let you to place your own web server on the premises of service provider. This is pretty much the same as running your own server in your won office, only that is located at a place better designed for it. Most likely a provider will have dedicated resources like high security against fire and any other risk, regulated backup power, dedicated Internet connection and more.
  • High bandwidth
  • High up-time
  • High security
  • Unlimited software option
  • Expensive
  • Requires higher skills
  • Harder to configure and debug.
So decide your web site hosting as per your requirement.

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Tips for safe Investment and wealth creation!

Now days, there are many option available for wealth creation but only requirement is money and right investment with discipline. Investment can be divided into broader two categories i.e. Equity related investment and debt related investment. Before selecting a suitable category of investment, it is advisable to take the opinion of expert person from investment advisor, if you have to determine the suitable category of investment for yourself then before deciding you have to determine your risk taking capacity.

What is risk taking capacity?
There are two factors to determine the risk tolerance capacity of a individual.

1.     Financial risk taking capacity:  Financial Risk taking capacity means how much money you can afford to lose. The more money  you can afford to  put at risk, the more risk tolerance capacity you have.
2.     Emotional risk taking capacity: The Emotional risk taking capacity means how much you stressed will be when you lose money. the more stressed about the loss of money, the less risk taking capacity you have.
On the basis of above risk taking capacity, investors can be divided into three categories:
  • Conservative: These are such investors who are hesitate to take risk. They opt for safety of their principal first. They are having very low risk appetite. 
  • Balanced: These investors who likes to take some amount of risk but still prefer low risk product. They have moderate risk appetite.
  • Aggressive: Risk lover investors come under this category. They have very high risk appetite.
Once you determined yours risk appetite as per above explanation. In my view following are some investment instruments which are available for safe money making and wealth creation systematically.
1.     For conservative Investors: they should go for fixed income product which would ensure capital protection.
  • Public Provident Fund (PPF): it is very easy to open account; it can be open in any PSU Bank or post office. The minimum amount require to start investment is Rs 500/year. Disadvantage or advantage you can say, it have a locking period of 15 years during this period, it cannot be liquidated but loan can be taken against it and a partial withdrawal is permitted after six years. An individual can make investment maximum Rs 70,000 per annum. It has tax exemption under 80(c).
  • National Saving Certificate (NSC): There is no maximum limit for investment and minimum amount required to start investment in NSC is Rs 500/annum. The investment income has tax exemption but interest income is taxable. The scheme is having locking period of 6 years. Premature encashment is not permissible.. It will give an annual interest of 8%.
  • Employee Provident Fund (EPF): this scheme is for working employees. In this employers also contribute to the EPF of Employee. If you have continuously worked for 5 years, then withdrawal is tax free. Premature encashment is permissible under certain circumstances. Current rate of interest for EPF is 8.5%.
  • Life Insurance Plan: Life endowment plan where premium is costly but it will serve dual purpose of insurance and return.
  • Fixed Deposit: In this Scheme minimum amount requirement for investment is Rs. 100/year and vary from bank to bank. The locking period is five years and investment income exceed Rs. 10000/years is taxable at source. Premature withdrawal is not permitted. it have very low interest rate.

  2. Balanced: Balanced category investor can go for some product which are list under conservative categories, also can take balance mutual fund. The exposure of the following product should not be very high.
  • Unit Linked Insurance Plan(ULIP): It has dual benefits i.e. benefits of insurance and investment. The returns are tax free. But it has a locking period of 5 years. For better returns it should be started for longer period. As some portions of investments are in equity market so the investment is subject to market risk. However if investment made for longer period risk can be minimize. 
  3. Aggressive: Investor in this category can go for product list under conservative and balanced categories and also some product which are mentioned below. The exposure to equity should be high. But it may be kept in mind equity will give high return but also can give heavy losses. 
  • Equity linked saving scheme (ELLS): the minimum amount required for investment in ELSS is Rs. 500 and it also depend from fund to fund. The locking periods of all the ELSSs are 3 years. Presently investment and dividend all are tax free. Since ELSS investment are equity market so the investment is subject to stock market risk and return may be varied from fund to fund. Generally ELSSs are outperformed all other mode of investment in long term.
Conclusion: The goal of a person change as per their age, so should your investments. When a person is young and no liability of family and any other financial obligation, higher exposure to equity can be considered. As we grow older, our exposure to equity related product should go down and so should be the exposure of loan. The simple formula for equity investment is 100-your age, means if you are 30 years old the equity exposure should be 100-30=70% of your total earning.

Tips for Signing Contract Papers

Whenever and wherever we are going for any services, lice mobile/telephone connection, any type of Insurances purchase of  home/vehicle, loan from any source etc. the owner or the agent of service provider ask us to sign various type of forms and documents. We the educated and young people who making hard money by sweating lots, are also signing these documents very carelessly and without reading the contents of the document. We are forgetting that the signatures which we are putting on the documents are not just a autograph but we also consenting a legally binding agreement. Therefore one should be very careful before and while signing an agreement.

Contract/agreement are mutually binding documents and once sign, it cannot be alter without the consent of all the involve parties. It contains all the terms and condition which is binding for all the members who have signed it.

What is Contract?
Contract is an agreement which is enforceable by law. Contract creates legally binding relationship and obligation i.e. right and duties between contracting parties where agreement is defines as a promise or set of promise forming consideration for each other. All contracts are agreement but all agreement are not contract.

Before making any contract following points should be ensured.
1.     There should be two or more parties.
2.     Offer and acceptance must be there.
3.     Obligation should be commercial.
4.     The contracting parties should not be minor or person of unsound mind or disqualified from contracting by law.
5.     Lawful object and consideration.
6.     Agreement should not be declared void by any court.

While signing any contract following points should be ensured.
1.     Ensure none of the column left blank. If any place which is blank fill with dash (-) mark.
2.     Don't hesitate to clear your doubt if any arises while signing the documents, if needed take help of expert persons.
3.     Don't come under influence for signing for any documents. This may be a tactic of the parties with mala-fide intension to get the wrong documents signed.
4.     If anybody promised you verbally must be in writing. Don’t believe on verbal promises, these are made to break and influence the people in decision making.
5.     Keep the copy of all the documents and forms you have signed and submitted to the service providers.
6.     Please check the terms and condition which are writing in very tiny letter. these tiny mark terms are hidden conditions.
These points are not exhaustive, it is just a guiding so if you are making any agreement or contract of big financial value, must take the help of experience person. 

It is to know that contract/Agreements are designed to protect both the parties. Just make sure you fully understand all details before signing a contract or agreement.