HTML Text Formatting

HTML defines a lot of elements for formatting of output such bold, italic, capital or small etc.

How to view HTML source
We always seen well decorated web page with lots of information but we ever thought "How it look like that and how do they do it? That can be known by seeing the source code if u know the HTML tags, it will be very easy to understand the HTML webpage. To see the source code of a webpage , simply click on the view option in your browser. This will open a windows that show you the actual HTML of the page. Some text formating HTML tags 

<Pre>           Defines preformatted text
<del>            Defines delete text
<ins>            Defines insert text
<sub>           Defines subscripted or superscripted text
<strong>       Defines strong text
<small>         Defines small  text
<i>                Defines italic text
<em>             Defines emphasized text
<big>            Defines big text
<b>               Defines bold text
<dfn>            Defines a definition 
<q>               Defines short quotation 
<blockquote>Defines long quotation 
<bdo>            Defines text direction 
<address>       Defines an address element
<acronym>     Defines an acronym
<abbr>           Defines an abbreviation

Some character like the < , have special meaning in HTML, and therefore cannot be used in the text.