How to get GPRS setting of BSNL mobile.

BSNL has changed it code to get the GPRS setting through SMS and also maximum time their web page for GPRS setting not work properly so they have give new 5 digit number from where we can get GPRS setting. For that we need to send a SMS on 19000 number. It is toll free number.

Mobile Manufacturer (space) model number and then send it to 19000
for example: if your mobile is Samsung GT5603  then

 SAMSUNG GT5603  to 19000

after sending this SMS you will get three configuration setting 

  • bsnllive
  • bsnlnet
  • bsnlmms
Save these setting and for GPRS select bsnllive as your default setup . it will work.
You can also get your BSNL GPRS and internet setting from official site which is meant for BSNL GPRS setting click here and fill up necessary details and you will received your GPRS setting instantaneously.