How to trace out your lost mobile? A true story.

How to trace out a lost mobile set? I have got back my lost mobile withing two weeks of time. In the first week of November, I have forget my mobile in a apparel shop in Silvassa and after two hours of lost,  I realized that I have forgotten my mobile some where so I started recollecting the event then I recollected that I have forgotten it in a apparel shop which very famous in Silvassa town.

  I started thinking that Now I am not going to get my mobile back.My mobile was little costly so I decided let ask all shopkeepers where  I have visited so I first I visited the shop where I have maximum doubt but when I reached there and enquire to shopkeeper, the shopkeeper and his staff started preaching me that they are not such type of greed people who takes others belonging so in  finally  I accepted that now I will not get back my mobile but " Dil tha ki manta hi nahi tha".  after reaching home I started doing google about the tips and tricks to find out the stolen or lost mobile, some where it was written that I have to email my particular and mobile IMIE number to  cop@vsnl.net and they will trace it and informed it to me  I thought "Try karne me kya jata hai" and I also submitted my detail like my address and mobile make and IMIE number and that time I come to know that IMIE number is very important number of a mobile. How you will know your mobile IMIE number? it is very simple just dial *#06# code on your mobile and you will find your mobile IMIE number  but in some mobile this dial code for finding mobile IMIE number may differs. 
After registering my phone on email id  cop@vsnl.net and I started checking my email daily but no reply received from the above email Id.

As I told my mobile was little costly I was not ready to give it so easily so I decided to take the help of my one friend, who works in Local police crime branch, I reached his home and narrated my story to him, He advised me to come to crime branch next day morning with purchased bill which indicate that you are the owner of that IMIE number mobile. By luck even after one year of the purchase the bill and mobile box was with me so with this I gone to crime branch and register a complain as suggested by my cop friend and within three days I got call from the crime branch and they informed me that your mobile is traced out and presently it is in Uttar Pradesh. I aghast how it reached UP  then they told me that your mobile is stolen by the sales boy of that Apparel shop which I have mentioned earlier and then they called that shop owner informed him that your sales boy who is availing leave in UP is the thief who stole the mobile and the COPs threaten the shop owner  ask him to call your sales boys to return the mobile otherwise a case will be registered against the shop owner and the sales man because we have all the call detailed  which are made by the sales man and within three days I got my mobile back the sales man who  stolen my mobile has left this city as people started calling him "Chore".

After this incident I come to understand that do not under estimate our police they are here to help us .

 It is also relevant to mentioned here tat If you lost your mobile phone must register a complain with police and your service provider to stop the services otherwise your mobile phone may be misused and you may be  come in trouble. And by this incident I also learned that IMIE number and purchase bill is very important in tracing a lost or stolen mobile phone.