How much disk space require for a website ? a rough calculation

click hereNow days many individuals who are  either for  business promotion or for  blogging , they opting to have their own website. So I have tried to give here a rough calculation which willhelp you  at the time of deciding "how much disk space" one need to take for his website because  web hosting charge price is determined on the disk space.There are some free web hosting site but they will not give much freedom to do  with data storage on website. 

    A small to medium web site will need 10 to 100Mb of disk space. You look at the size of a HTML pages, you will find that the average size is very small. May be even below 5k but when you take an image in consideration the for a page , you will find the image is many times larger than page size. So if your site is going to use lots of images or graphic contents then you need more disk space and an average size of page will be somewhere around 50K of disk space on your web server. this will be average size that may be differ up and down depend upon your image or graphic use.

So before deciding  to start your own website and its space, you also need to take the following aspects of your web site in consideration for deciding disk space.
  • Monthly Traffic: A small to medium we site normally need disk space between 1 to 5GB data transfer per month where a larger, commercial sites often consume more than 100GB or more than that. So you need to calculate the disk space keeping your expected monthly website visitor traffic in mind. 
  • So how you will calculate them?: One can calculate this by a simple calculation by multiple your average page size with number of expected page views per month. If your website average page size is 50K and expected page view per months is 50000 viewers then you will need a disk  0.05MB x 50,000= 2.5GB so before signing a contract for web site hosting with service provider. Please ensure following
  1. What are the restrictions of monthly transfer
  2. will your site closed if you exceed the limit
  3. Will you be billed a fortune if you exceed the limit.
  4. Will your future need be covered.
  5. Is upgrading is possible.
         These are some points which need to be taken for consideration while deciding your disk space for web site hosting  

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