How to connect Samsung mobile with computer for surfing internet?

Using Samsung Mobile as a modem for surfing internet by connecting the mobile with laptop or PC is very easy and also very handy.  if you like to buy Samsung Mobile you can even online from any reputable online vendors like Amazon or Flipkart as they have lots of offers like free shipping and 30 days return policy.All  you  need to establish internet connection are:
  • Samsung mobile phone with GPRS Setting fully installed in your mobile.
  • Samsung PC Suite.
  • Data Cable
After getting all above mentioned articles , then there is no problem in using Samsung mobile as modem. You just need to take following steps
  1. Click Menu=>Settings=> Phone settings=> PC Connections=>select Samsung PC Studio on your Samsung Mobile set
  2. Installed your PC Suite from the CD which you got with your mobile phone.
  3. After installing  Samsung PC Suite on your computer connect the mobile to the laptop/computer with help of data cable 
  4. If your Samsung PC suite installed properly then as soon as you connect your mobile your computer will detect it.
  5. Once your computer Detected your mobile just open your PC suite by clicking on shortcut of your PC Suite application that might be on your desktop or sometimes it get open itself all depend on your setting while installing the PC Suite.
  6. When PC Suite open click-Toolbox
after clicking on tool box click Internet Connector=>Connect=>yes
Withing few seconds you will get connected and ready for browsing web sites

After the process of connecting is end you can open your explorer and start surfing internet sites.

 Before all this you need to ensure following.
  • You are in the network area of your if you want to buy Samsung product then click mobile service provider
  • You mobile number must have value added service like GPRS and internet services installed and activated.
  • Your Samsung PC Suite installed properly
You can download Samsung PC Suite and other Samsung software from Samsung official website and if you like to purchase Samsung product purchase  from here