How to transfer feedburner feed counts from one account to another?

When one who due to change of his domain name or change of feedburner feed address always fear to lose their  valuable and reliable  feed subscriber which they gained after putting lots of efforts by publishing and investing lots of time to get a feed subscriber  so they hesitate to change their feed address but very few know that a feed burner feed can be transfer easy from one account to another  The feedburner itself provide facilities to transfer feed from one account to another account and it is very  easy and anyone who want to transfer  his/her feed can do The following simple steps are required to be taken for transferring feed :
  1. Create a feedburner account where you want to transfer you old feed.
  2. Open you old means exiting feedburner account where you find a transfer tag and click on that. see image
      .3 After clicking on feed transfer tag a new page will open enter your email address which related to your new feedburner address. see image
4. After entering your email account click of Send Transfer Acceptance Requested button and you will receive an email address  for acceptance. see image of email address,
5. Click on the link which is mentioned in email address then a acceptance page will open just accept it and your feed is transfer from old account to new account. see the image

6. but don't forget to change your feed address which you mentioned in your setting page. to change it go to blogspot Dashboard--> Design-->Setting-->Site feed and replace your old feed address with new feed address. see image

  and save and publish it. Now your feed is transferred. Normally it takes 4-5 days to get your old feed subscribers reflected in new feed address but in some case it takes more that that also.