How to protect BSNL land line telephone from misuse?

            The BSNL is one of the premier telecom service provider of India beside land line telephone BSNL provides various type of telecom services like, Mobile, WLL, Broadband, 3G etc services to the people of India. It is an Government entity having maximum coverage in all over the India. 

           Being a PSU and due to laziness and ignorance by the staff of this organization BSNL is losing its supremacy to private service providers like Airtel, Idea, TATA Docomo , Vodaphone, Aircell etc. but still BSNL is quite ahead in  types of service and coverage area wise.  We might did lots of development in the field of telecommunication but still without land line number your address is not a complete address so still people believe on land line and they kept land line connection in their offices and residence . As we are hearing often that terrorist or notorious personnel has misused the unprotected wifi connection end send threatening email or made extortion call to from unsecure land line by connecting wire from somewhere and make call. I also seen people locks their land line phone with lock and key but locking a telephone with lock and key is not giving your full protection because it will only prevent a person to make call through your telephone instrument but still he can make call from your land line by using other telephone instrument. Keeping all this in mind BSNL also provide electronically locking system with can be done by locking your telephone by generating four digit passwords and once you locked your telephone by electronically generated password no one can open your telephone either you or the person who knows your password or the BSNL exchange people can open it. So for generating password or security code one need to register themselves.

How to generate security code for locking BSNL land line phone?

Generating security code for landline locking is very simple your just required to dial these number once to create a security code
123 wxyz wxyz (wxyz will be any four digit  number which you required to dial along with number 123. Suppose you want to create 1234 as your security code just dial 123 1234 1234 .
How to lock STD facilities after generating security code?

Just dial following number for locking and unlocking the STD?
124 your security code then 1(124 1234 1) for locking
And 123 1234 3 for unlocking

How to lock local call from my telephone?
Just dial 124 1234(your four digit security code)0
And for opening what your want to open the code will be according
Just dial 124 1234(your four digit security code)3
For only mobile 124 12345
For only local land line call 124 12341

How to change my security code?

Just dial
123 your old code then new code
123 1234(old code)5678(new code)

Point to be noted before locking and unlocking your telephone by security code.

If you tried wrong security code 9 times then your telephone will be permanently locked and then you have to approach your Nearest BSNL exchange for opening it and for that they may take some fee or may give exemption from fee. When ever you will lock or unlock your phone if security code is right then you get IVR mease "your operation is successfull or if code is wrong then  fail. So be careful