How to stop unwanted commercial call on your land line/mobile phone?

Unwanted commercial calls and sms are always irritate and created problems to the users of phone and mobiles.The phone and mobile users raise their problems on various forum to get ride from these unsolicited calls from telemarketing companies. To stop such unsolicited calls the TRAI  had taken several steps  like creating of Do call /Do not call registry but they did not get success as telemarketing companies take the advantage of loop hole in the TRAI's order. The height of this unsolicited call reach at peak,  when some one from Telemarketing company   made a call to Finance Minister Mr. Pranav Mukherji and started motivating and requesting  him to take home loan from some bank,  where he was  attending  a  very important meeting .

After seeing all this  and receiving several complains from consumers, The TRAI decided to take a firm action and make the Telecom companies responsible for any violation rule by Telemarketing companies. To regulate the telemarketing companies and make them more responsible , the TRAI has issued  new direction vide TRAI order F.No.341-3/2011-CA (QoS) dated 27 Sep 2011 which come in effect from 27 Sep 2011. As per this direction except undermentioned companies, no one is allowed to send more than 100 SMS per SIM  in a day
(i) Dealers of the Telecom Service Providers and DTH Operators for sending request for electronic recharge on mobile numbers;
(ii) e-ticketing agencies  for responding  to e-ticketing request made  by its customers;
(iii) The social networking sites - Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, LinkedIn and GooglePlus to its members pertaining to activities relating to their accounts based on their verifiable options;
(iv) Agencies providing directory services – Justdial, Zatse, Callezee, Getit and Askme.

This time TRAI come with some option where consumers can opt a choice of telemarketing call if he likes to receive, where in earlier version there was no such option to choose , either you fully blocked the telemarketing call or fully open to all telemarketing call but now they come with some option where consumer can opt.

How to block telemarketing companies call on your telephone /mobile phone ?

The TRAI has divided the entire Telemarketing companies into 7 categories so if you want to block a category or whole you can select from option

1.   For fully block send the SMS from your mobile phone
                             : START 0  TO 1909
2.   For receiving SMS relating to Banking / Insurance / Financial Products / Credit Card
                        :  START 1 to 1909
3.  For receiving SMS related to Real Estate  
                        :   START 2 to 1909
4.  For receiving SMS relating to Education 
                              :    START 3 to 1909
5.   For Receiving SMS related to Health send SMS 
                              :    START 4 to 1909
6.   For receiving SMS relating to Consumer goods and automobiles  
                        :    START 5 to 1909 
7.  For receiving SMS relating to Broadcasting/Communication/Entertainment/IT: 
                        :   START 6 to 1909    
8.  For receiving SMS relating to Tourism and Leisure 
                              :     START 7 to 1909
9.  for multiple choice for receiving call . send the SMS START and respecting category code  to 1909
                              :for example   START 1,2,3 to 1909
10. To block the  telemarketing call SMS STOP followed by category code to 1909
                              :for example     STOP 1 to 1909
11. for multiple choice block send sms  STOP followed by categories code separated
        by comma to 1909 for example STOP 1,2,3 to 1909

To stop the telemarketing call on land line just register on TRAI website. It will take almost seven days to get your request effected.