How to use wi-fi connection on HCL ME ICON 1024 Laptop?

To use wi-fi of HCL ME ICON Laptop one need to take following steps.

  • Check whether the driver for wi-fi is installed on your laptop or not, if it is not installed then install it from CD which is provided by HCL at the time of purchase or one can down load it from the HCL site.

  • Please ensure following drivers must be installed on your laptop/computer
    (i) Chip set 
    (iii) Wireless LAN & Bluetooth
    it is advisable to restart your laptop after installing each of the drivers.  if you lost the the driver CD of your HCL laptop you can download it  from the  HCL official site

  • After installation, check whether you are in coverage area of wi-fi network or wi-fi router .
  • If every things ok then just press Fn button along with F2 button, a bright wifi, indication light will illuminate. The Fn button  and wifi illumination light  is located near to Ctrl button .
  •  if your driver is installed and you are in wi-fi network zone then your wi-fie will start working and in beginning it will ask for wi-fi security code that you need to enter to establish the wi-fi connection. The wi-fi security code can be had from the administrator of wi-fi router/network.. There are some wi-fi which can be connected without asking any security code but if you are having your won wi-fi router you must make it security code protected to avoid misuse.
  • As soon as wi-fi connection established you will find an signal strengh indicator in your task bar. 
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