Learn Numerical calculation and mathmatical operation in Python - Lesson -2

This course provides an introduction to computer programming intended for people with no programming experience. It covers the basics of programming in Python including elementary data types (numeric types, strings, lists, dictionaries and files), control flow, functions, objects, methods, fields and mutability. Here is a tentative list of topics.
1Installing Python, IDLE, mathematical expressions, variables, assignment statement, calling and defining functions, syntax and semantic errors
2Strings, input/output, function reuse, function design recipe, docstrings
3Booleans, import, namespaces, if statements
4for loops, fancy string manipulation
5while loops, lists, mutability
6for loops over indices, parallel lists and strings, files
7tuples, dictionaries

This course lecture will be provided in the form of short duration video consisting of 2- 10 minutes and besides that you can explore lecture summary and can take advantage of  forum where you can put your problem and get solution /advise from expert. This course is basically conducted by University of Toronto and is available on www. coursera.org
Lecture No- 2 of 1st week
Python as a calculator