How to get Admission in foreign countries's Colleges/ Universities ?

Technical as well as professional study in India is very costly compare to the cost of study in some foreign university/college. Where in India if one wants to become a doctor, he needs to pass a competitive examination with good ranking then only he will get admission and that also not necessary that he will get admission in his choice college or institution. After passing the entrance then also the admission fees are very high and that is beyond the reach of a common man. In India in a standard medical college the total fee for MBBS is proximate Rs.30 lakh plus annual hostel fee that depend the city of the hostel. Where this same courses are available at  half  the rate in foreign countries like, China, Russia, Ukrain, Kenia, Singapore etc

Then Question arises why these professional course are so costly in India where these are available so cheap in other countries and the answer is that in India  higher education become business and majority of such institutions are run by  Politician or business man and their moto behind the establishing these institutions is only to earn money where in foreign countries the providing education is government obligation they have to provide education at the fees which must be in the reach of every body and no donation and capitation fee are allowed in foreign countries where in India it is a open business and on the name of management quota the capitation fee and donation become and instruments to exhort money from student and due to these high  fee most of the brilliant students of poor families do not get admission  in such professional and medical course. For such students the option of getting such education in foreign university is a good idea  for that they can consult the embassy of that concern country where he intended to go for higher study.
Basic eligibility to go for higher study in foreign countries:
  • You must be more than 17 years
  • You possess the same educational qualification which need for admission in India for the same course
  • You must have a valid passport
  • You must get a eligibility certificate from MCI if going for MBBS.
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Followings are the some points which must be ensure before opting for a foreign degree:
  • Check the  status of recognizable of that university with our technical  board like for MBBS MCI etc.
  • Check the language in which the teaching will be imparted because some of the China and Russian University impart the course in their own language.
  • Try to take the help of well established reputed consultant who provide admissions in foreign countries.
  • Never pay university fee to Consultant or any mediators.
  • The the status of that university on Internet.
  • Check the review of  old student who did his study from that university.
  • In last but not least you must note that if you are going for MBBS course in foreign country after completion of your MBBS if you want to practice in India then you have to pass a test conducted by MCI.