How to increase the width of crystal Report?

           Welcome readers, today I am going to add  one more post on subject "How to increase the width of crystal report. The increasing  width of crystal report is very easy and once one  knows, it is a no time job. So let me tell you step by step what you need to do for increasing the width of crystal report. Here I have shown it in four steps but once you know it , it can be changed within 30 seconds. no more. For better understanding of these type of vb.net code or database related inquiry the book written by Mike Murach is very good book which is available on amazon with free shipping charge, I will suggest one can be refer

1st step
        After opening a crystal report just right click on that report:

Step -2
       Right click right click you will get these are some sub menus: just click on design then Printer  Setup

        After clicking on Printer setup one new windows like below shown will open

         After opening of this windows just do the following
  • Check the No Printer check box true which is given very begning corner.
  • Then Change the Paper size to Legal or as per your requirment
  • Change the orientation to landscape. then click Ok button

    Now the width of cystal report is change and it will look like this

 For more such details you can buy book from Amazon or from flipkartI hope, this will help you for better understanding you can have Crystal Report XI by clicking below. Happy coding