How to program a smart device? VB.Net code for beginners

In the series of "Learn VB.Net step by step" we have learned some basic coding of Visual basic and now it is time to implement our learning on a project.This post will cover the programming of smart Device such a Pocket PCs and Smart Phone device. This post and referred documents teach you that the programming techniques learned thus far in the  "Learn VB.Net step by step" course are also applicable to programmable device
While studying this note set you will build a project that computes the cost of providing dining services for groups scheduling social programs.

In designing a mobile application consider this:
·        You can use many of the objects and controls used for a Windows form.
·        You cannot resize the design surface as it must be an exact fit to a standard PocketPC device.
·        Because of space restrictions, limit the size of the Title Bar entry.
·        You can align controls using snap lines and the alignment tools you've already studied.
·        The TextVisible, and Enabled properties work as they do for a Windows project.
·        The Clear method for TextBox controls is not available – you will need to assign an empty string to the Text property of a TextBox in order to clear the contents.