what are the Single and multi-dimensional arrays? How to use it in loops. VB.Net for beginners

An Array is a list of values – all values referenced by the same name. An array is like a ListBox without the box with the list of values all stored in memory.  Arrays are also called tables. Arrays are based on the System.Array object – a type of collection object.  Arrays can store almost any type of data such as integer, string, decimal, etc.Element – this is the term used to refer to an individual part of an array.Each element is numbered beginning with the number zero.  Example, 0, 1, 2, 3, etc.  The number referring to an array element is placed inside parentheses and is called a subscript or index.  This is the general format for an array reference.This chapter teaches you to use arrays and structures to process data through the use of various loop and table lookup procedures.  Single and multi-dimensional arrays are covered.  For Each..Next loops are used to process arrays. ListBox controls are also used to process arrays.