Learn VB Step by Step

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The Visual Basic programming language is used to teach business computer programming using a visual programming approach; includes fundamental programming principles for event-driven programming.

REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: Bradley, Julie Case and Anita C. Millspaugh. PROGRAMMING VISUAL BASIC 2010, Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill, Copyright 2011, ISBN-13: 978-0-07-351725-4 Book Web Site.
  • Understand and use computer terms from the textbook, lecture, and readings.
  • Implement application design specifications with a visual object-oriented, event-driven programming language.
  • Learn visual programming language concepts applied to a business environment including: form design, common form tool controls, input-process-output model, arithmetic operations and assignment statements, predefined object methods & functions, decision structures, looping structures, list controls, array and table processing, sub procedures and user-defined functions, and database programming. 
  • Start your new VB.Net Project
  • 1st Lesson   (Where to learn Visual Basic ? Introduction to Visual Basic!)
  • 2nd Lesson  (How and from where to obtain personal copy of Visual Studio)
  • 3rd Lesson   (What is User Interface Design in VB.Net?How to use additional controls to build application forms? For beginners)
  • 4th Lesson    (How to add additional controls in User Interface Design?)
  • 5th Lesson    (What & How to use Variables, Constants, and Calculations in VB.Net Programming)
  • 6th Lesson     (How to declare variables to store different types of data, and to convert text data to numeric data, to format output, and use? VB. Net for beginners)
  • Sample Problem Exercise
  • 7th Lesson     (What are the conditional statement in Vb.Net?Vb.Net code for beginners)
  • 8th Lesson     (How to create general sub procedure and function in Vb.Net? some example for beginners)
  • 9th Lesson  (How to use listbox and Combox control in windows form designing? VB.Net Code for Beginners)
  • 10th Lesson(What is condition-controlled and count-controlled loops ? VB.Net for beginners)
  • 11th Lesson(How to add store and retrieve data from database? Multiple Documents Interface VB.Net for Beginner)
  • 12th Lesson(Program a smart device by implementing all which you learned in this series of VB step by step.)