Rajnikath's website runs without Internet check it! it is not joke

I am a great fan of our great hero Mr. Rajnikat. I like his action very much. The first movies which I watched was Mr. Rajnikath Gangwa a great action movie since then I have become his fan as I am not a regular movie watcher but and I watch his movies when ever I get a time as his acts are very entertaining.Recently on  facebook I saw one post which talk about the Rajnikanth website which run without internet connection , initially I thought it is just a joke but when i tried , I found it is true and this website run without internet connection. This site is great same like Rajnikath. I love him.How just follow this.

  • when you are having internet connection just enter http://www.desimartini.com.
  • when the site is open just disconnect your internet connection.
  • And start navigating with this website it will run even while your internet connection in off.
  • Just try and feel. 
  • It is to noted that this website may not work if your internet connection is on so after entering the url in your browser just disconnect internet connection.