How to recover unintentionally deleted data from memory card or from your computer's hard disk?

Many times we try to do something else or try to save our data but by mistakenly it got deleted. or there are many mistake which we unintentionally commit  and get our data deleted.  There are some instance where one delete his data unintentionally and when he realizes his mistake then run from one site to another to get some tips to recover the deleted data. so now I am going to tell you one software which is quite cheap and  will provide best reply for all your questions like:.

  • How to recover data from Mistakenly format or reformatted  hard disk of memory card?
  • How to recover data from recycle bin data which mistakenly  empty?
  • How to recover data which was deleted due to virus infection ?
  • How to recover data from mistakenly  pressed factory reset  button.
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