Cheap and Best 2G/3G data card?

What is data card? Data card is an instrument or you can say an interface which use to connect the computer or laptop with internet. It works as a link between wireless signal  and computer or laptop. On use basis there are two type of  data card one is locked and another is unlocked data card. Locked data card is , a data card which is supplied by the respective mobile company with a post paid or prepaid connection and that data card can only be used with that particular mobile company connection where unlocked data card is a data card which can be used with connection of any mobile company. Locked data card means you have been locked with that company which given you a connection and  for luring the new customers , at the time of taking connection this company promise very lucrative offer but once you have taken they will start showing their real face so it is advisable to take unlocked connection that will give you freedom to change your data operator just by changing you SIM card. 

Now days you will find electronics shops in your city just like rainy season mushrooms so while purchasing 3G data card please buy it from reputed shop otherwise you may be cheated because there are so many China made data cards are available in market which are cheap but worst too their are rumors that china made electronics devices are also work as a spying/bugging device for China so your privacy is also on stake. If your are not able to select your data card from open market then I will suggest you kindly buy from online shop like flipkart or Amazon as these online shopping malls are known for their reputations and services and also have varieties of  data card, which you can compare price wise as well as quality wise so don't compromise on substandard but go and buy online. 
Some of the best unlocked 2G/3G datacard

It works with all 2G/3G network.
It is easy to install and use.
Comes with 1 year warranty and also available on flipkart
On flipkart it is having 30 days replacement guarantee
Rs. 1800.00

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Rs 1749.00
It is a best product at this price also available on flipkart

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