How to remove" This windows is not Genuine" tag from your screen?

If you are using pirated coy of operating system then after Some days while updating windows you may find that you screen goes black and a tag mentioning " This windows is not genuine " start showing in the right corner of your screen and it will not go without re installing your OS. And Re-installing OS is a time consuming affairs and beside time you will also loose you computer settings, latest OS updates, and anti virus update . But there is simple solution by doing that we can remove the tag "This windows is not genuine". Here I am not try to encourage piracy but just sharing it for knowledge purpose and to help such people who had taken genuine OS but still getting such tag on their screen. It is highly recommended that please BUY genuine software from reliable outlet our even you can buy  from online shop  like Flipkart or Amazon and keep yourself and your computer trouble free. Don't use anything pirated, it is a crime.

 So now lets us show the procedure for removing the tag. Just click on start button which there on left corner of your computer screen.
When you click on start button you will find a search program and files text box in that text box just type  cmd
after typing cmd you will find cmd top in the program list just right click on cmd and you will get a small windows
 Just select " Run as Administrator" when you will click on that , your OS will ask  " Do you want following program to make change in your computer" just click yes button.then command prompt windows will open
In that command prompt windows just type  slmgr -rearm , ensure there is a space between these two word. After entering slmgr -rearm just press enter. Then you will get a message "Command completed successfully just restart your system to get the change effected.. On getting this message just restart your computer twice and your " This windows is not genuine " tag will dispear without loading any patch or software. if you like to know more such  and much more tricks, then you can buy The Hacker's cookbook which is available on amazon. If you want to buy operation system online then you can visit FlipKart or Amazon