How to create a standalone page in blogspot? How to group all the blog post?

www.Blogger.com is a free blog posting site, where any one can registered himself and write a blog of his choice. When we start our blog, we have very specific target of subject but when blog developed we deviate from our target subject and start writing on various other topics or subjects. so to group the posts topic-wise so that the readers of that particular topic can read your blog post without going here and there. So  how to grouped all the post of a particular topic or subject for that we need to create a label just similar to standalone page. The basic difference between standalone page and  label is that in standalone page we can write a standalone post where in label we can group the entire post of a particular subject. for creating a standalone label we need to follow the following steps.

  • Ensure that all the post which you need to club in a group must have a common label.
  • Then publish any one post which want to include in that group.
  • Click on the common label which just above the post your comment tag
  • After clicking on label just copy that new URL.
  • Then Go to blogger dashboard
  • Click on pages.
  • The New page
  • After click on New Pages you will find two clickable tag " Blank page" and web address" if you click on blank page then you will create it will create a standalone page so just click on web address.
  • Then enter you page or label name means if you want to group all your political post in a group the enter page name as Politics and in web address box just paste the URL which you copied at above fourth stage.
  • Click save Now you all the post which is related to Politics have been grouped in one group and when any visitor who will click on page name "Politics he will find all the political post.