How to download/configure Bang with friends Facebook app?

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      A New Facebook application Bang with friends has launched only last week, has created a storm  among the Facebook users and till to date more than lakh of Facebook users have configured this app to their profile. As claimed by the creators that this software is capable to know whether your Facebook friend is willing to establish physical relation or not? This claim made by the creators but I have some reservation because if you made a fake profile and configure this app that time also it is not giving any error message and not judging whether this user is realy male or female, then how this software will judge the person of other side is will to have intimate relation. It is nothing just to create a hype and get benefit from that created hype. However, if you want to download/configure this app to your Facebook profile just visithttp://www.bangwithfriends.com and  on that webpage just click on connect with Facebook link it will take you to step by step  to configure the app. Be careful while using the app otherwise it will land you in a very peculiar situation.