How to remove toolbar or extension from your Internet browsers?

Sometime while browsing Internet unintentionally we get internet toolbar or extension of some service providers or spammers installed in our browsers and whenever we are opening our browser that particular toolbar or extension in chrome get automatically started and creates lots of inconveniences in our day to day browsing. Now question arises how to remove these unwanted toolbar or extension of chrome from our browser extension list.It is little difficult for all those who do not know how to remove so this post for them only to lean how to remove toolbar from his internet browser. It is looks only difficult but it is very easy to remove. The way to remove the toolbar is as under:   

Chrome users
  1. In the Google Chrome browser, go to chrome://extensions/.
  2. Find the extension in Chrome the list.
  3. Click Uninstall.

Firefox users
  1. In the Firefox browser menu, select Add-ons > Extensions.
  2. Select the desired extension Community Toolbar.
  3. Click Remove.

Safari users
  1. Open the Finder application and browse to Applications.
  2. Scroll down to Toolbars and click on desired application.
  3. Double-click on “Uninstall”.
  4. Fill in the “User name & Password” and click the OK button

    Internet Explorer users

      1. Click the Start button and then select Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.
      2. In the list of programs, find the desired toolbar, select it, and click Change/Remove.