In Samsung Smart Phone : How to adjust setting for camera (light, focus, etc.) for taking better image?

As per recent market report Samsung in one of the leading Mobile phone manufacturer. It manufactured all kinds of mobile phones from low budget to high budget phone with easy to use to sophisticated one. After purchasing user finds little difficult to configured his mobile phone to get the desire quality of images clicked from the mobile phone. Samsung  camera mobiles or Samsung 3g camera  allows you to take digital photos (jpg format) or record videos. if you like to buy Samsung Mobile you can even online from any reputable online vendors like Amazon or Flipkart as they have lots of offers like free shipping and 30 days return policy 

The User can configuring the  settings for your camera by following the steps below:
1.     From Idle mode, click on ‘Menu.’
2.  click  on ‘Camera.’

    3..   choose ‘Settings’ button to change camera setting.
 4.    On the Settings screen, choose ‘Focus mode.’  
 5.     Choose a preferred focus mode from the list and then tap ‘OK.’
More function key descriptions are listed below: